H: Ari 50c15c Fixer W: Offers

2021.09.24 11:46 Troicinet H: Ari 50c15c Fixer W: Offers

Ultra rare Apparel, God roll Commandos, etc.
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2021.09.24 11:46 KesslerStormblade98 "Remember: When in doubt, pinky out." Just something random I noticed while going through Zootopia screenshots.

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2021.09.24 11:46 Dcshaggy1997 And they say philosophy is useless!

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2021.09.24 11:46 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 11:46 newtonandco Leyton man who saved a dog from meat trade to run marathon

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2021.09.24 11:46 Clinton3331 Tiberius T15 FS PDW problem

Hi, please can any paintball boffin assist? I bought a new Tiberiius FS T15 PDW gun and it worked fine ... at first ... I then bought an ''on'' and ''off'' valve as I wanted to keep the HPA gas cylinder attached to the gun and then simply switch the gas ''on'' when I wanted to use it. As soon as I connected this valve to the gun my problems started. I cocked the gun, screwed in the valve / tap, screwed in the gas cylinder to the valve / tap, switched the valve to ''on'' and fired the first shot. I noticed that this shot seemed a bit weak. When I wanted to fire again the shot was weak and all the hard balls were discharged from the barrel. Now, when I want to use the valve, the gun unloaded about 30 shots within 1 second and discharged the entire cylinder, completely empty. I took the valve / tap off and screwed in another gas cylinder. Even though the cylinder was screwed in tightly, I heard a hissing sound, the cylinder was losing air. When I tried to fire, again, there was a rapid succession of about 30 shots and the cylinder emptied again ?? Please can anyone advise on what may be wrong ? I don't know where to start on resolving this problem ?
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2021.09.24 11:46 bluethecoloris ‘A poem is a powerful tool’: Somali women raise their voices in the nation of poets

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2021.09.24 11:46 Jam-GR ThatBlastedSalami distancing itself from Tekken; BN/Top Players not approving of them

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2021.09.24 11:46 PanamaPhys_ Anyone Near in The Jonesboro/Paragould Area in Need of Money

If anyone is around that area I have a small task I'd like done, I'd pay $50 for. Very simple, I live very far away from Paragould which is where a sweater I want is. If you buy it for me (I'll supply funds) and ship it to me (I'll supply funds) I'll pay you $50. It's on Facebook marketplace but the seller refuses to ship. DM me if interested.
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2021.09.24 11:46 Haunting-Sport8412 2 month of blendering

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2021.09.24 11:46 bluethecoloris Port of Dover blocked by Insulate Britain activists

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2021.09.24 11:46 Jezzarella If only it was that easy Brenda

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2021.09.24 11:46 BountyKraken Maybe that's why covid was created for

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2021.09.24 11:46 inthemorningwaffles $21/hour??

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2021.09.24 11:46 BloodySerpentX Do not question me

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2021.09.24 11:46 CasualGamerDude050 quick, best response for "bold of you to assume you had braincells"

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2021.09.24 11:46 -cdk- Does this online degree worth having?

Hi! I just graduated from high school and I want to study computer science. Unfortunately, most cs tuitions in Europe (I'm a non-EU and non-UK citizen) are way above my budget. But this programme seems a bit more affordable for me. However, I still have some questions and I need your help.
Here is the link to the programme: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | London
As in the title, does this online degree worth having, why?
Are there any notable, important differences between this programme and yours?
If you were an employer, what would you think about me being graduated from this online programme?
Do you know of any other online computer science degrees that are worth recommending?
If any of you are following an online degree, can you PM me? I have some more questions about studying online.
Thanks in advance :)
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2021.09.24 11:46 bluethecoloris Experience: our house was moved to a different town

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2021.09.24 11:46 quietjoey57683 Cant rejoin game xbox

I lagged out of my game earlier and couldn’t re join i restarted my game and xbox many times but still couldn’t join any ideas?
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2021.09.24 11:46 Organic_Gur925 Security analyst salary expectation (1-2 years experience - entry level - Dublin)

So I've been offered a role with the company I completed my apprenticeship with, and as part of the application process I need to try and figure out how not to get low-balled because they won't give me a salary range for the position.
Would anyone be able to give an indication of what salary range I should be looking for?
To provide some additonal context:
- 18 months experience in a similar role (I'll be doing most of the same job functions in new role) + 2 year tenure at current company. - 5+ years indirectly relevant experience in managed services. - Hold 2 entry level, and 2 intermediate relevant industry certifications. - Don't currently hold a directly related degree, but I'll have a BS in a directly relevant area within the next 2 years. - I believe company pays under the going market rate (which seems to be 35k - 42k ish for similar roles/experience level based on what info I can find?).
33.5k is the minimum I'd need to stay living in Dublin, but I don't want to go straight in and ask for the minimum.
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2021.09.24 11:46 samson_kevin What makes you stand out when you are compared with someone?

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2021.09.24 11:46 Clientjoy How To Craft A Perfect CTA For Your Landing Page

When you design a landing page, it's important to know its purpose. A landing page is an excellent way to generate leads for your agency or business online. However, if you're returning low conversion rates, it may be because of your CTA or Call-to-Action.

digital_marketing ContentMarketing
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2021.09.24 11:46 GodsFavMoron For real tho

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2021.09.24 11:46 johnrock001 Boruto Filler List - Complete List Of Boruto Filler

Boruto Filler List - Complete List Of Boruto Filler - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/boruto-filler-list/
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2021.09.24 11:46 Anxious-Spades13 Anyone wanna work together? You do music and I do lyrics? Or both do lyrics?

Hi everyone! I guess here it probably goes without saying that I love music. I used to go to bed with a radio under my pillow each night. I'm a writer at heart and I can sing a little, bit the best mind ya. I've always wanted to write songs. My preferred genre is country. I love how songs make you feel so much in a short time and how those songs can accompany memories for your entire life.
My problem is that I can't play music. I've never tried So I guess I can't say I can't do it. But I don't know how.
So I'm looking for someone who would be willing to work with me and try this out. Maybe you're new to songwriting too. Maybe you've done it a while? It doesn't matter to me, but I definitely want to try this out.
So, any takers.
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