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EU Serves At Launch In A Nutshell...

2021.09.24 10:14 marketingharry EU Serves At Launch In A Nutshell...

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2021.09.24 10:14 Waterlilii Should I remove a negative review on google since the business has asked? The business had flagged my review first and now some of the photos are hidden.

I found a hair in the sweets purchased from a famous local confectionery. I posted a negative review on it but never got a reply from the business. My dad personally went to complain and they simply gave him a replacement and asked him to get the post deleted. I checked my review since the day it was posted and it wasn't visible until two days. Now that it's visible, some photos of proof are hidden. They got my dad's number and are continuously asking him to delete the post. I would have done the same if they didn't keep pressurizing my dad to delete it but now that some photos aren't even visible, I don't want to. They are sweeping it under the rug. Considering the pandemic, I feel people should be aware of what they get and the business should have taken better precautions. They still haven't replied to my review but are in touch with my dad who's easier to manipulate by telling him how their small business can get affected and how hard they worked through so many years to get popular locally.
I want to edit my review and write about how they are handling this situation as I feel it's wrong to not keep it. But my dad just wants me to delete it since they already gave us a replacement and are asking him to delete it. What should I do?
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2021.09.24 10:14 Asphalt9Pro Jesko Selfies MP

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2021.09.24 10:14 X10shinchord Thank you to all of you who participated in tonight’s secret giveaway!!!! Pics in comments!

Here a just of the few trades that went through tonight. Thank you to everyone for your amazing responses!!! Over 1000 packs given away in suck a short time!
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2021.09.24 10:14 deanssieee A Former Member of Roc Nation David Rothman Releases a New Single, “The Rap Knight”

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2021.09.24 10:14 BigMac0429 Something seems a bit off…

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2021.09.24 10:14 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 10:14 Brwok-A_Normie Duplicate Code?

Got my key into the flight and went to go activate it, error popped up stating "Duplicate Product Code" Seems like this is a rare issue, I've already seen a few dozen reddits posts here about it, so here I am throwing this one out in case 343's got a fix 'fer that.
good luck with the flight, y'all!
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2021.09.24 10:14 HugeCottontail How to get codes?

I often see people posting codes. I always wonder what products they are buying that has the code in them? I'd be interested in buying physical cards if I knew I could get some digital cards as well. Any insight would be great
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2021.09.24 10:14 Mockaz Relaxing music with soothing ambient water sound- 3hrs for sleep, relax, focus, study, stress relief

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2021.09.24 10:14 ShyLongHairedGuy Rex and Pyra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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2021.09.24 10:14 FanningLuver Ivanka Trump

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2021.09.24 10:14 irisvancampenhout Slowly falling apart

Recently I discovered that I may have adhd. I have self diagnosed but have made an appointment to get properly diagnosed at the end of October but I feel like that is still a million years away and I need somewhere to vent because I feel like I’m losing it.
I am 28. I saw some videos on TikTok about not often talked about symptoms especially in women and it all clicked for me, but now I can’t help but hyper focus on the adhd. My problems have been worsening to a point where it is actually harming my work and day to day life.
My issues that may or may not be the result of adhd:

I’ve struggled with school a lot when I started going to college switching 4 times before I settled on accounting and I think that should’ve been a red flag
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2021.09.24 10:14 Lukree Boss Katana Air with Kala Ubass

just tested friend's Katana Air wirelessly with my Kala Ubass and it didn't work at all. The ubass works great with my bass amp with cable but there was no sound at all with Katana Air transmitter. Katana works fine with an e-guitar.
Any tips?
(Yeah, I know that the bass through Katana isn't perhaps the best idea in the first place.)
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2021.09.24 10:14 jerbear30ky Splatoon 3’s latest trailer shows off its single-player campaign

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2021.09.24 10:14 BayoBitchBot Why is everything toned down?

  1. A lady as classy as Bayonetta would never go for such a ridiculous make-up.
  2. I didn't see any bullets or bullet caps. An Umbra Witch, known for her mastery of the bullet arts, does not shoot bullets but just laser rays?
  3. Outfit covers all "parts", summon doesn't reveal anything.
  4. The enemies are very non-organic and don't seem to blood or lose their shell, rather robotic.
  5. The HUD seems to have traded its mysterious and sinister look for a comic aesthetics.
Are they aiming for a 12y+ rating? Considering how all-in-all everything looks straight out of a cartoonish superhero game. In that sense, this post's title is a bit misleading as in terms of literal colors, everything was toned up so-to-say.
I know this is a ridiculous thought, but I'm hoping for the 0.000001% that all the trailer showed was just an in-game arcade game like angel attack oO
The only thing that gives me a little bit of hope that we will see (and play!) the real Bayo as her usual self is this:
Also don't get the "COZ DIRECT" stuff people say - was Bayonetta 2 never shown at a Direct?
Last note: lulz @ trans/post-gender Jeanne in the end.
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2021.09.24 10:14 oldrichie Revolut news? comission free US trading

Not sure this is news, I don't use Revolut, came through on a newsletter at work (banking), see theres a history of posts here for these guys good and not so good.
Article also mentiones Wise PLC (currency exchange app) enabling stock trading, but unclear if thats your location only, in US or what.
Maybe interesting from a broker diversification perspective.
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2021.09.24 10:14 thebelsnickle1991 Apple bans Fortnite from App Store during Epic Games legal battle

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2021.09.24 10:14 siuli Movies with "fiery" girls as main (or not) actors, like in JOLT

Anyone know other suggestions for similar movies like Jolt, besides Crank (Jason Statham).
And movies with girls that are in action roles (like Lucy, or Tomb Rider), preferably, with girls that have "fiery" hair so to speak, like Kate Beckinsale in jolt; I love that type of look on a woman. 😅
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2021.09.24 10:14 natsu_dragneel92 Bona

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2021.09.24 10:14 germangaguilar We might have lost Germany

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2021.09.24 10:14 xXgrazykittenfanxX Trading FR skele rex for FR phoenix and adds

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2021.09.24 10:14 Adventurous-Can8065 You guys like soft Jamaican soles?

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2021.09.24 10:14 South_Sky1184 try this horror game!! it's got a good story & is still being constantly updated with new levels almost monthly, you'll enjoy it & 1000% be scared, trust! (Labyrinthine on steam)

try this horror game!! it's got a good story & is still being constantly updated with new levels almost monthly, you'll enjoy it & 1000% be scared, trust! (Labyrinthine on steam) submitted by South_Sky1184 to HamlinzFam [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 10:14 BasilDillweed HOOBS Ring plugin and the discontinuation of Ring Desktop

As most of you likely know, Ring Desktop is going away on October 15th. Ring has stopped development of the app and the server(s) that feed it will be permanently shutdown on that date. However, Ring cameras will still be manageable and viewable from supported web browsers when logged into a Ring account although this normally requires 2-factor authentication. This begs the question, is the HOOBS Ring plugin getting its data from the same server as their desktop app or is it the equivalent of logging into a Ring account with a web browser? Since it was just updated a couple of weeks ago, I'm guessing (and hoping) it is the latter. Thoughts?

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