As a cs student can I take CS courses as electives?

2021.09.24 10:43 Ecstatic-Moment-8634 As a cs student can I take CS courses as electives?

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2021.09.24 10:43 disco_nnected Unique biomes/areas in Metroidvania?

Gaming has it's "tried and true' area themes: forest level, sewer level, etc... But what are areas in Metroidvania that feel unique and rarely visited? Recently I've been playing Vigil-the Longest Night and one area was a ruined dock, where you could visit multiple ships and climb masts etc. I thought it was very cool and unique idea; it's a shame that the game is rpg focused, I would have loved to see more done with it (I know Bloodstained has a ship area too, but this was an entire dock with a "hub" area with multiple ships) What are other examples of unique areas? Do you have a favorite?
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2021.09.24 10:43 Beakdoor21 Going airsofting for the first time on Sunday. Not sure if I'll enjoy it so I don't have any spare mags since I wanted to stay cheap. (Not going in with a gas mask, that's just for my identity.) Entire kit cost less than 150$ including the rifle.

Going airsofting for the first time on Sunday. Not sure if I'll enjoy it so I don't have any spare mags since I wanted to stay cheap. (Not going in with a gas mask, that's just for my identity.) Entire kit cost less than 150$ including the rifle. submitted by Beakdoor21 to airsoft [link] [comments]

2021.09.24 10:43 lazysl0b What’s your baseline MPW and schedule?

I’ve done a couple of ultras now and want to build slowly up to a 100 miler (and hopefully more after that…). I’ve researched some training plans for the weeks leading up to the race, but curious what others experience is of building to & staying in shape for ultras.
Do you just keep mileage high and build the base? Hold constant and then add more hills / speed work? Take longer breaks after a race then do a 12-16 week training plan?
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2021.09.24 10:43 ilovecatgirl69 👌

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2021.09.24 10:43 SniffPowder79 how to fix this why is my player playing by itself?

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2021.09.24 10:43 pumpkinseedscomix This thing that took me 40 hours. Its pretty funny. No, its shit. Well, its good. Idk you tell me

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2021.09.24 10:43 ActSlow Love [MM] (gur-gahar)

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2021.09.24 10:43 Buddius-Corgius I despise snobby "inteleckthualssss"

Personally, I have always been known as the "smart kid" in my classes since I was a kid.
However, I never actually considered myself intelligent or gifted. The only reason for that was because ever since I was a kid my Dad disciplined me to always be ahead of the class curriculum.
He would literally force me to spend weekends reading chapters from my workbooks to learn stuff ahead of time. He would even force me to take textbooks from school without permission in order to study.
When I came into class, the lessons of the day was stuff I already knew. My classmates just thought I was "smart".
To this day, I spend my time always sharing answers to work and credit on group assignments (even if I did all the work and they contributed nothing) and even on occasion helping classmates cheat on tests.
This is because there was one year where I didn't have my Dad with me and so being a kid, I neglected the practice of studying ahead of time.
Eventually it caught up to me and I was WAY behind because it always took me longer to learn stuff than the average kid.
That year was absolute shit. I spent the entire time miserable because I was at the mercy of a bunch of snobby ass "ackthually" kids whose whole personality was being the Gifted Program kid.
And it was even worse because when we did work together, as they were turning in the work, they would erase my name because according to them, "You didn't actually do anything. So you don't deserve to get credit."
And I couldn't do shit but take my F, sit down, and shut up.
After that year in Elementary School I realized exactly how vulnerable kids like that are. Out of all of my years in school, I had never fucking wept as much as I did during that year.
BRO LIKE FUCK, do those "ackthually" kids not fucking realize how fucking devastating it is for kids like that? How miserable it is to not know what you're doing because you don't want to get heckled during class for being that "stupid kid"?
It's fucking embarrassing and you can't even fucking speak up!
When I see grown ass adults who haven't outgrown that "ackthually" state right into College, it makes me wonder how many poor students have faced disgrace because of slimy bastards like them.
Have they never felt helplessness and hoped for a crumb of mercy?
Do these fuckers even have a concept of mercy?
Do they even have a conscience or loyalty to their fellow classmates?
We're all trying to fucking get ahead and it only takes a bit of love and consideration.
I've had entire semesters where I just pair up with a random kid who doesn't know what he's doing and just share my work, answer his questions with kindness, and help him study for tests because he's too embarrassed to ask the Professor.
And by the end of it, he has finally grown the courage to email his Professors for help because he realizes that asking for help will not be met with hostility.
How fucking broken is our education system that we need to re-learn and re-teach students that asking for help doesn't make you less of a student?
I have been at the bottom of that miserable pit and some people have no idea how relieving it is to have someone watching your back for assignments.
How relieving it is to have been fucking crying for two hours because you can't solve a problem only to text your classmate and get an answer and a detailed explanation.
This sort of feeling is only comparable to finally feeling the first breeze of cool air on a hot day.
And "inteleckthualssss" that make students feel miserable and try to "scold" them for being "dumb and neglecting":
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2021.09.24 10:43 The_Glory_Boys Buyer wants to pay and pickup via UPS Express Agent

The buyer didn't negotiate at all on price and has offered to send a UPS Express Agent with an envelope of cash to collect the item. After I have received the cash I am then to hand the goods over to the agent.
This all sounds a bit strange to me, and honestly a little too good to be true.
Does anyone have experience with anything similar? Is there a way this could be a scam?
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2021.09.24 10:43 Bl4ckw311 [Midnight Absinthe] Raven Tutorial - Honkai Impact

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2021.09.24 10:43 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 10:43 decollete69 Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, and Jennie

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2021.09.24 10:43 Soundshurtme Too many recent inquiries for Citi? What credit card should I get next? Looking for a $200+ sign up bonus

My Experian report shows 6 hard inquiries and the other two show 1-4 inquiries. I’ve seen posts from people being denied a Citi card for “too many inquiries” with only 2 inquiries.
Current cards: Discover It, Capital One Quicksilver, Bank of America Rewards, Amex Blue Cash & Cash Magnet, Chase Freedom Flex, & a few misc store cards.
Credit scores: 760-820
Purpose of card: sign up bonus, no annual fee
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2021.09.24 10:43 Talking-Tree420 Nếu được chọn lại, tui xin chọn VeroCell thay vì AstraZeneca (rant)

Có ai như tui không, cảm thấy không hề vui vẻ gì khi lỡ chơi thg AstraZeneca?
Có lẽ nhiều bạn sẽ bay vào phản bác tui với những lý luận như kiểu: "Ơ mày đc chơi hàng Anh, sướng bỏ mẹ ra rồi than thở cái gì?" , "Được tiêm AZ là phúc 3 đời rồi nói điên khùng gì vậy?" , "Không vớ phải hàng Tàu là sướng lắm rồi".
Nhưng thật sự là tui tiêm AZ hồi đầu tháng 8, gặp đây chỗ Reddit không phải Facebook, ẩn danh nên tui nói toẹt ra luôn là tui được gia đình sắp xếp cho tiêm AZ ở bệnh viện 175, lúc đó chỉ tiêm cho nhân viên và người thân của nhân viên y tế của bệnh viện chứ không hề cho phép tiêm đại chúng. Đợt đấy gia đình tui có quan hệ vs 1 nữ y tá trong bệnh viện để giả vờ là người thân để được tiêm AZ, nếu mà tui đem chuyện này ra nói công khai trên FB chắc chắn nữ y tá đó sẽ bị điều tra ra và kỷ luật rất nặng. Nên việc tui và gia đình tui được tiêm trong bệnh viện như vậy là hoàn toàn không hợp pháp, không hợp lệ, đi trái quy trình nhà nước.
Các ông đọc đến đây xin đừng trách tui, tui chỉ mới có 21, tính ra cũng còn con nít miệng hôi sữa, nên đợt đó nhà sắp xếp cho tui đi tiêm cùng, thì tui chỉ đi theo thôi, gia đình không hề nói với tui là đi tiêm chui, nên tui cũng chẳng biết gì. Đến khi sau tiêm đc 1-2 tuần rồi gia đình mới nói với tui, chứ nếu mà tui biết là tui làm vậy là sai, tui đã nhất quyết không đi. Tui không hề muốn vì lợi ích cá nhân mà làm ảnh hưởng đến sự nghiệp của nữ y tá đó, và cũng không hề muốn cướp đi 3 mũi AZ quý báu cho người thân của nhân viên bệnh viện. Dù nữ y tá đó hiện vẫn đang an toàn trong ngành, cũng chưa ai điều tra ra, nhưng tui thực sự cảm thấy tệ, buồn và hối tiếc thực sự.
Tạm gác lại chuyện đó. Tui đến hiện tại đã đủ 8 tuần, nay thành phố đã có văn bản chính thức giảm thời gian tiêm mũi 2 xuống còn 6 tuần. Nhưng vaccine AZ thì đang khan hiếm, ưu tiên cho tuyến đầu, nhóm người có nguy cơ cao và người có giấy mời của phường. Tui thực sự muốn tiêm mũi 2 cho xong cho rồi để còn đi làm, đi học trở lại vì 30/9 chỉ còn đúng 1 tuần. Nhưng ngặt cái là tới điểm tiêm không dám trình cái giấy mũi 1 ra vì sợ người ta sẽ cảm thấy sai sai và điều tra ra bất cập tui giải thích ở trên, nhưng mà tới điểm tiêm chưa kịp trình cái gì thì người ta đã đuổi về do không có thư mời của phường.
Mà tình hình cứ khan hiểm vaccine ntn, họ còn phải ưu tiên cho tuyến đầu, người già, người có nguy cơ cao, AZ thì về 1 lần có 660.000 mũi, dân trong quận thì đông, vậy khi nào mới tới tui được có thẻ xanh? Tui ngồi trong phòng mới bật khóc nghĩ trong đầu: "Biết thế tháng trc chày cối với gia đình không chịu tiêm thì giờ có khi đã xong 2 mũi Verocell cmn rồi". Nên mỗi lần mà tui nghe mấy cái câu phản bác tui kể ở trên, tui bực vô cùng bực, sướng vs phúc 3 đời cái cc. Có khi đến tháng 11 mới tới lượt tui, 1 tuần nữa có khi mấy thg chơi hàng Tàu đủ 2 mũi nó te te chạy đi làm trong khi mình phải ngồi ngóng từ trong nhà ngóng qua cái hàng rào sắt như đang ngồi tù. Mà giờ tiếc nuối cũng đ kịp nữa rồi, lỡ chơi hàng xịn rồi, giờ ngồi đợi như chó đói xương không biết đến khi nào mới được đi làm.
Còn thêm cái cục nợ F88 lúc trc đi cầm cái laptop để cùng thg bạn đầu tư mở shop quần áo, đáng ra tiền lương 1 tháng thừa trả nhưng do CT16 nên bị cho nghỉ việc, 4 tháng rồi ngày nào cũng bị đòi, lãi thì chất đống lên giờ cũng chỉ biết chịu trận, chứ tai hại của mình mà đi xin tiền gia đình để trả thì vớ vẫn quá sức. Tui nói cũng để mấy bác chửi thôi chứ tui biết thừa cái này do tui không có tầm nhìn, nên giờ lâm vô cảnh này các bác có chửi tui ngu tui cũng đồng ý, tui ngu thật.
Ham hố đồ xịn, hàng ông ngoại rồi giờ như thế này đấy các bác ạ. Giờ mà quay ngược thời gian, cho tui chọn lại, tui xin phép chọn VeroCell.
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2021.09.24 10:43 Yuna51 Mesprit raid on me add 1812 9123 5025 or 6447 9048 7670 and be online

Mesprit raid on me add 1812 9123 5025 or 6447 9048 7670 and be online
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2021.09.24 10:43 relator_fabula [Amazon] ZIRO Matte PLA - Black, Gray, Blue, Purple, White, $14.99/kg after coupon

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2021.09.24 10:43 Consistent_Bid_7501 What is your top 5 favorite old school rap songs?

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2021.09.24 10:43 AkxDDD Great update! Fishing rod only ;)

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2021.09.24 10:43 Fairytale7 am görmek istemiyorum

kusmak üzereyim amk bıktım porno izlemekten
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2021.09.24 10:43 Motor-Ad-8858 China Booze Tycoon Yuan Renguo Is Jailed For Life For Bribery In China

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2021.09.24 10:43 Monkeey8 AITI on a Reddit a Reddit argument
Am I an idiot? I feel like brushing off an argument or any advice from teens just because they’re teens is wrong. Am I wrong?
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2021.09.24 10:43 -enervating- Nora Fatehi gorgeous tits

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2021.09.24 10:43 Kato504 Needing a bit of help with connections!

Hello! a friend of mine recently sent me a few components to help me out with some computer issues, among them being an ASROCK 970M PRO, an AMD3 FX8320, and a Sapphire R9 280 3GB. The only issue im having is tracking down the necessary components to get everything running once it's fully built, since my buddy didn't send me the cords for these components. Sorry if this is a silly question, thank you!
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2021.09.24 10:43 Funny_Response_9807 "Sriram Raghavan had offered "Meery Christmas" to Salman Khan first alongside Katrina Kaif. OH what a dumb decision by Salman to reject Sriram Raghvan's film even after blockbuster success of Andhadhun.

Katrina Kaif and Vijay Sethupathi for the first time on the edge of the seat thriller, Merry Christmas. It's being produced by Ramesh Taurani and the makers plan to shoot it extensively at a real location in Pune. However, very few know that Sriram's first choice on this film (much before any producer too came on board) was none other than Salman Khan.  "This is the second time that Sriram offered a film to Salman. Back in 2015, right after Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sriram and Salman had met to discuss a potential collaboration on a thriller, but things didn't work out. For Merry Christmas, they met again as Sriram felt that Salman fit the bill. However, Salman and his team felt that this was too small a film for a superstar like him and politely refused the offer," a source told Bollywood Hungama.
The source further added, "Salman loves Sriram's work and is equally eager to work with him. However, he wants to do something that's big and on the commercial side. Sriram too wishes to work with Salman once, but he wants to do something that presents him in a different light. Sriram felt that the character in Merry Christmas, though not as larger than life as what Salman Khan was portrayed in his films, had an element of style to it, which justified the presence of Salman."
Sorce-: Bollywood Hungama
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