Plot twist: No Mither is a perk you only see meme lords run

2021.10.16 16:32 thrasher337 Plot twist: No Mither is a perk you only see meme lords run

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2021.10.16 16:32 Inuchute notify me

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2021.10.16 16:32 Denny_204 Internet Empowerment

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2021.10.16 16:32 Zepertix Inktober Day 16: Magic Armour

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2021.10.16 16:32 ImmediatePoint10 Who’s your favourite user from every Middle Eastern nationality?

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2021.10.16 16:32 SilverSSJ2 Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles Walkthrough Part 1| Final Selection

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2021.10.16 16:32 tinaxbelcher First time doing incline. suggestions welcome!

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2021.10.16 16:32 heinaga1989 🔥 OCEAN TOKEN 🔥 Massive Marketing Ongoing! 10% BTC Rewards Every 10 Minutes! 🚀 Fair Launching Soon, Join Telegram Now!

The Ocean Token is here to help save the environment, while making its holders money!

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2021.10.16 16:32 Full-Fuel9074 Welcome to APEXRP! Fair Launched Minutes Ago! For all those Apes who love XRP. Huge Potential Here!. Based and Transparent Team

APEXRP - For all those Degens, Gamblers and just good ol BSC pals looking for that next safe, and apeable token on the BSC Network.
Contract: 0x3ba258379d9f4a1934e7187ff3ee50ebc383c91d
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Not only can you earn XRP on every transaction, there will be giveaways directly at launch where holders will be eligible to also WIN $XRP!.
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💸 Total supply 1 billion (100% Locked LP)
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⚠️ Max Buy: 3%
⚠️ Max Sell: 1%
➡️ XRP reflections: 8%
💧 LP: 1%
📰 Marketing: 1%
How do we get our free XRP rewards?
It will automatically find its way into your wallet every HOUR so make sure you have the XRP contract ticked on in your wallet. If you haven't received your free XRP after several hours, it may be pent up and you can trigger it manually by buying or selling 1 USD worth of the tokens.
If you need the XRP Contract Address feel free to ask the team!
The free XRP rewards will be based on the volume of the buys/sells and it also will depend on how much tokens you HODL. We are getting taxed for 10% to put it in our XRP rewards function and redistribute in automatically.
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2021.10.16 16:32 SingleHouse Question regarding minecraft live.

On youtube minecraft live starts at 4:20PM (London), but on the website it's listed for starting at 5 PM.
Is there going to be a pre-show? Could i start watching at 4:59PM and not miss out on anything important?
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2021.10.16 16:32 benchamin-freightlin Grand Puba - Proper Education

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2021.10.16 16:32 Munchkinator_Mn I just wanna do something productive

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2021.10.16 16:32 Dathard Finally got my first console.

I finally got my ps5 digital edition from Oct 4 stock. Thanks to reliance digital. This is my first console and I am thinking of purchasing ps plus. Anyone here knows about sales in ps store like when's the next one coming and more helpful info regarding the ps5 ecosystem.
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2021.10.16 16:32 AnimusRandom Help finding aongs in a similar style to No Me Diga from In the Heights

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2021.10.16 16:32 Bandit7588 What do your call a group of shapes making fun of each other?

A rectangle diss function.
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2021.10.16 16:32 NecronLord_Europe [Media] What are you thinking about, I suppose? (yyiksh)

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2021.10.16 16:32 Alwaysthegoodguy The 1st page of my comic Always the good guy !

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2021.10.16 16:32 ScorchingCosmos [Dexter's Laboratory/Johnny Test] Dee-Dee and the Test Sisters were mixed up by their families at birth.

This theory would make for one hell of a fanfic.
Both shows take place within the CN-verse and have quite a few parallels.
The parents are extremely oblivious, so I wouldn't put it past them to make such a mistake.
Since Dee-Dee bears no resemblance to her mom or dad, it would make sense if she was Johnny's long-lost sister, because they both like having fun and causing mischief.
Hell, they even share a similar hair color and the same eye color.
As for Susan and Mary, it's quite obvious why they might be related to Dexter.
The three are both hyper-intelligent redheads who are capable of inventing many things and are easily irritated by the chaotic antics of their immature siblings.
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2021.10.16 16:32 nububunububu Gouache plant (ig: lasdadasmas)

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2021.10.16 16:32 mofosyne We Tested Australia's Strict COVID Restrictions! - boy boy

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2021.10.16 16:32 Watashi_wa- Active guild!!

I have just made a guild, active players join up! ID: M14DM
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2021.10.16 16:32 E-nygma7000 I’m sick of people politicising tragedies

Seriously, every time something awful happens. It always has to go back to politics. For example, I live in England, we had a tragic case of an MP being stabbed to death by a terrorist yesterday. If you’re not British or from the commonwealth, MP means member of parliament. They’re our political representatives who make and pass laws. But I digress, before the day was even out. People had already started bringing up the politics. Whether it was taking the opportunity to shit on the government. Or the media raising questions about the “security” of MPs. And we all know they were just looking to provoke reactions for views. This happens every time something terrible goes. Let communities recover and give people to grieve. There’s goona be time to ask secondary questions later.
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2021.10.16 16:32 Different-Ad-2691 This girl seems to be playing with the god of death.

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2021.10.16 16:32 sitcomglory Yes, I am advertising. STFU

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2021.10.16 16:32 DajuanKev Anyone else content with the roster in Superstars?

I'm pretty content, but I originally thought I wasn't. If you think about it, the roster has a staggering 10 characters. That's pretty big for a Mario Party game.
The current roster is amazingly perfect and I couldn't ask for more.
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