[REQ] ($100) - (#East Point, GA, USA) (Repay $175 on 10/23/2021) (PayPal)

2021.10.16 17:56 yeety8133 [REQ] ($100) - (#East Point, GA, USA) (Repay $175 on 10/23/2021) (PayPal)

I'm willing to start a partnership with someone on the business. Just requesting this amount to see if anyone would respond. Again, I'm trying to make homemade glass coffee mugs for the holidays I make roughly over $1k monthly. I can show my proof of income and any other info and possibly repay the loan sooner
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2021.10.16 17:56 subtopewdiepie129 So i have gen 1 airpods and recently they started dying super fast even when i’m not using them. for example last night i charged them to 100 and i wake up to them on 3. is there a fix? or do i just need to get new ones

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2021.10.16 17:56 qtgam Quesadilla the E-Boy

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2021.10.16 17:56 Le1jona Would this team be good ?

Albedo, Kokomi, Gorou, Itto
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2021.10.16 17:56 TripleMurder What country are you from and what’s unique/different about it than other countries?

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2021.10.16 17:56 pleasedontfollowm3-4 Anika Wolff

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2021.10.16 17:56 Exway_Sojka88 New family member

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2021.10.16 17:56 manta_mr Fortnite Kerddit be like:

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2021.10.16 17:56 jenny__b found 12” Gordon at goodwill :)))

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2021.10.16 17:56 lawlawlandrover [WTS] Vortex SV-5 Switchview Throw Lever (CA)

$55 f/f tyd
Practically new, I can’t find a mark on it anywhere.
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2021.10.16 17:56 coot32 The old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” What fooled you twice?

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2021.10.16 17:56 SlothTheHeroo ITS HAPPENING!! I am so excited

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2021.10.16 17:56 _x_project_ Colleges that don't ask for recommendations for master's enrollment

Are there any decent colleges that offer master's in cognitive science or computation-linguistics, but don't ask for any recommendations.
PS: I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. But since graduation, I've been working extensively in Machine Learning. I have some novel research ideas but before I can proceed I need to study computational-linguistics or any similar subject. Also, given that its been 4 years since graduation, it would difficult for me to get a good enough recommendation, hence the question.
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2021.10.16 17:56 Anonyooo Prometne smetnje u vašem kvartu/gradu

Pozdrav, Imam seminar u kojem moram projektirati rjesenje nekog prometnog problema pa mi treba pomoc oko izbora teme. Koje vas stvari u vašem kvartu u prometu najviše smetaju (sigurnost, guzve...)? Gdje tocno nastaju problemi?
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2021.10.16 17:56 tusharg1234 Top Bgmi clutches in 3 mins

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2021.10.16 17:56 THEMOISTCLOWN When everyone starts handing in the homework and you didn't even know their was any

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2021.10.16 17:56 furbische vegetarian breakfast sandwich for ~250kcal, gone too quickly as hot sandwiches often are (this will never stop me from making them)

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2021.10.16 17:56 Global_Advance_2449 Does a rise in RHR indicate anything at all? Thinking my 5DPO temp is a one off. Won’t be able to test again until Monday. Negative at 10DPO

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2021.10.16 17:56 SteveThePigeon Phase 1 or Phase 2?

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2021.10.16 17:56 TidyCompetition Nexo - Get a Free $10 in Bitcoin when you put $100 worth of Bitcoin in a savings account

Nexo is really easy to use cryptocurrency service that focuses on paying users interest on their digital assets, including Bitcoin through their interest
Nexo currently have the following offer:
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  2. Verify your account (normally want to see a photo of your passport or driving license)
  3. Fund your account with $100 worth of Bitcoin or another crypto
  4. Start earning interest
  5. Keep your full deposit in your Next for for at least a month or until your get you interest payment day to qualify you for the bonus.
  6. Share your referral link . You can refer up to 100 users (both referee and referral get the $10 Bitcoin bonus).
Make sure you complete sign up in days or the offer will expire! Remember is takes 30 days for the reward to be processed.
If any one has any questions I would be happy to help. Comment below or send me a PM :)
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2021.10.16 17:56 KingInf1nite Removing /All chat is stupid... but let's not fool ourselves

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2021.10.16 17:56 Totally-NotAMurderer F for Low F-ort

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2021.10.16 17:56 huruy535 "ተጋዳላይ ብዓል ሓጺር ብረት" TDF ድሕሪ መስተንክራዊ ዓውት ብጭራዋጣ እንትህድስ

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2021.10.16 17:56 ParadiseRobotics Unexpected Shutdown Resolved

I was able to resolve an "Unexpected Shutdown" issue that presented as a failing battery by convincing the customer to edit the schedule. He had four work times programmed and was not allowing the robot to charge for sufficient time before sending the robot out to mow again. Model was Twenty Elite.
The robot may have been circling the yard due to not having straight wire going into the dock. Bottom line, the battery voltage got too low, resulting in "Unexpected Shutdown". Usually the robot sends a "Low Battery" message but it was not observed in this case (reason unknown).
The solution was to increase the charging time to 3 hours. Then the mowing time was gradually increased, but not more than the rated mowing time of 2 hours per charge. Charging time could probably be reduced to 2.5 hours but since the battery needs more charge time as it ages anyway, it was left at 3 hours. Lawn is now mowed and no more shutdowns are happening.
Another important step whenever "Unexpected Shutdown" occurs is to clean the contacts. Twenty Elite now has redesigned charging contacts. Likely this issue could also be resolved by replacing the contacts on the robot. The new contact design probably helps ensure the battery gets a larger load of electrons during each charge that could influence whether "Low Battery" messages are sent prior to an "Unexpected Shutdown". The new contacts are also compatible with L15 robots. Contact your dealer. The part number is 075Z42600B, two are required per robot.
The first step for resolving "Unexpected Shutdown" on 4.0 Basic, 4.0 Elite and 4.36 robots is to clean the battery and connector contacts in addition to cleaning the charging contacts on the robot and the base. This can be done with a clean pencil eraser.
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2021.10.16 17:56 RedditchUtd1891 Hednesford Town 2-2 Redditch United

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