Bankstown [AU], Urban 87 cafe, Barista

2021.12.06 03:01 Sudden-Tumbleweed-19 Bankstown [AU], Urban 87 cafe, Barista

Looking for a full time or part time barista Pay: $25 to $30 per hour plus super ( neg depending on experience)
Apply here
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2021.12.06 03:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: eksterordinara

eksterordinara translates to extraordinary
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @
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2021.12.06 03:01 BPsPRguy Made a tree out of tree

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2021.12.06 03:01 splithoofiewoofies How embarrassing is it these days to be a Ducks fan?

This is just for fun because I loved them when they came out. Back when they were the "Disney made a team. Jajajaja jajajaja!" portion of their career. I was 9 but damn I had the HUGEST crush on Kariya and with Salei, Hebert and Salani, there was my lineup to die for.
I'm 35, living in Australia, haven't followed teams in decades. My ex-future-husband apparently retired a decade ago without me noticing. 😂
I look around and AIN'T NOBODY a fan of the Ducks. Check their stats. OOF. Not a single cup since that first one? Ouuuuch.
I am getting back into it and OF COURSE I'm Anaheim born and bred so Imma check out my Ducklings.
I am used to catching flak for my team. Its the Ducks for goodness sakes. But... Are they EVEN WORSE NOW??? what's going on?
Where my Duck fans at? Or was I supposed to graduate them and grow up to like a real team now that I'm an adult? 😂😂😂
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2021.12.06 03:01 Stevesharde A true MetaGod keep building on their creations until perfection is reached ⚡️

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2021.12.06 03:01 ravensarefree why is this a problem

inkmaster (and most reality shows) should have a fund to help contestants with extenuating financial circumstances due to participating. imagine what someone like kyle would be capable of if he wasn't worried about making rent and being evicted. they're making so much money off of these candidates that it feels cruel not to help
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2021.12.06 03:01 postmastern Фараоны и посмертное проклятие

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2021.12.06 03:01 cripplinganxietylmao Midnight Weekend Megathread

A few things: DO NOT repeat the graphic descriptions of CSAM.
Please report any rule violations and remember not to speculate on potential victims. Use descriptive titles when posting in order to help us see/know what’s all out there.
Please do not visit Bobye Holt’s social media pages to harass her. This is a bannable offense.
Give yourself a break if you need to. This is heavy, heavy stuff.
[The Sun "Live" but questionably reliable Coverage](
[NuggetsofChicken Trial Synopsis](
[Courtroom Sketch](
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2021.12.06 03:01 Fitzyman49 How to deal with heartbreak.....

So a bit of background, I was with this girl for 3+ years and thought she was the one. After breaking up in June, we still were "friends" so we would chat on occasion. (I know, horrible idea, never works)
I don't think I ever moved on. I was planning on visiting her at the end of the month to grab dinner and rekindle, but I got a text this morning that she met someone else and then INSTANTLY blocked me on everything. I was so blind sided and hurt about how she went about it. I mean literally days ago she was telling me things I WANTED to hear. So I think now I'm finally facing the truth for what it is but I need help.
What did you do, read, try, when you went through heartbreak? It hard because I feel like in this day and age, men don't speak up often, especially with heartbreak. But here I am and I need advice. What do I do now? What kind of hobbies did you pick up to keep your mind off things? What books did you read that helped you? Anything helps.
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2021.12.06 03:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: dres eghen

dres eghen translates to extraordinary
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2021.12.06 03:01 spark-le any tips on staying focused?

As the F21 semester comes to an end I’ve been reflecting on how the transition back to in-person classes has gone so far, and trying to come up with ways on how to fix any problems I thought I have had, but I’m a bit stumped on one. Over the past 2 years, I have found it harder and harder to focus on a task without getting distracted by something else. Some assignments are taking way too long because of my lack of focus. As much as I want to focus, I cannot. Sometimes when people are talking, I will even zone in and out of the conversation. At first, it kinda just felt like procrastination with work, but the more it got worse the less I thought that. Any suggestions? or I guess what do you do when you are trying to focus on finishing an assignment?
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2021.12.06 03:01 gardenfairyx My lifelong best friend is my cousin

I’m mind blown! We both have Puerto Rican roots and our families have been friends for 3 generations. We always joked that we’re family. I guess we really are. 🥰 We have always had an indescribable connection. I’m elated.
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2021.12.06 03:01 FoxyFurGirl It would be fun to cuddle with another furry.

Soft cuddly friendos.
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2021.12.06 03:01 gomugomunorocket42 Seriously, what business does a elf, a man, and a dwarf have in the Riddermark?

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2021.12.06 03:01 OrpenRosann Is it possible to earn money playing NFT games?

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2021.12.06 03:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: extraordinari

extraordinari translates to extraordinary
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2021.12.06 03:01 colondsmile Shit - Future (Melting Eyes Remix)

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2021.12.06 03:01 Ragerrodent Was looking at old posts in this sub. This thread from chapter 2 simultaneously aged well and terribly.

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2021.12.06 03:01 autotldr Korea puts reopening plans into reverse as cases soar, omicron spreads

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)

The number of COVID-19 patients confirmed to have the new omicron variant has risen to 12, with three more individuals confirmed Saturday.
Of the 12, four appear to have contracted the variant abroad, and eight were infected locally through direct or indirect contact with the four who arrived in Korea from Nigeria on Nov. 24.
The four initial cases are a husband and wife living in Incheon with connections to a church in the city and two women in their 50s based in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.
According to authorities, the Incheon residents spread the variant to their teenage son and an acquaintance.
The authorities believe that the latest three confirmed with the omicron variant contracted the virus from the Incheon couple's acquaintance.
Authorities are currently monitoring 1,088 individuals who came into contact with confirmed omicron patients in Incheon, of whom 522 have been categorized as having come into close contact with the confirmed patients.
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2021.12.06 03:01 fleurorae Looking for books with a great villain redemption arc!

If there is, I'd really like those books from the villain's POV and how they slowly developed through the story. But anything else/POV is fine, as long as it has a damned good redemption arc, as well as the plot.
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2021.12.06 03:01 sharewithme Word of The Hour: অসাধারণ

অসাধারণ translates to extraordinary
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2021.12.06 03:01 No-Journalist3887 Best weapon gizmo for noxious staff?

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2021.12.06 03:01 Imaginary-Start-2963 Svyatogor Belov

Pixo had no point launching Erebus if they were going to give Fafnir most dangerous pilot ever. This pilot kicked erebus, typhoon, Demeter out of the game so sudden. And yes, faf still can hit you if he is above you but you can't. Maybe only Fafnir's breath should be permeable to shield, not weapons?
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2021.12.06 03:01 smartybrome Curso de Java 2021 -Desde cero a con JDK 15

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2021.12.06 03:01 daniskye Youtube Vanced and Routines+

Before i updated to 4.0 android 12 update on my S21 Ultra I had a bixby routine set up for auto rotation to turn on when the app is opened. Now that I updated the software it no longer does it. Am I missing something?
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