dm for papers and dm for logins *trusted seller* very cheap lots of good reviews😊

2021.12.06 03:00 SnooGuavas8944 dm for papers and dm for logins *trusted seller* very cheap lots of good reviews😊

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2021.12.06 03:00 PatrickH5A New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself! Do not be shy! add your own personal spirit to our Community!
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2021.12.06 03:00 MahknoWearingADress Have A History Question You Wanted Answered By A Leftist? Ask It Here!

This is a weekly discussion post designed so that people of all ideological backgrounds can ask history related questions and get answers from a variety of leftists (without having to find a meme specifically discussing the topic or bringing it up in an unrelated thread).
To those who ask questions, please try to keep them history related.
To those answering questions, remember to be polite and please provide sources! Sources are not required, but they are definitely preferred.
And to everyone participating, please select a flair before hitting 'post' and keep discussion civil.
Thank you!
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2021.12.06 03:00 pacjax_bot_v2 Daily Discussion Thread - December 06, 2021

Feel free to post things in the Daily Discussion Thread that don't warrant a subreddit-level discussion. Although most of our posting rules will be relaxed here, you should still consider your audience when posting. Most importantly, show respect to your fellow redditors. General redditiquette always applies.
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2021.12.06 03:00 Mirza5138 Günaydın

Güzel subredditimizin güzel üyeleri.
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2021.12.06 03:00 Emotional-Shirt7901 How are you doing? Daily check in

How are you feeling? Let us know the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we will support each other!
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Update Monday!

Share your channel updates with the community! Show us what you've been up to this past week, whether it's your latest videos, some new channel art, you've hit a new milestone, or anything else you want to share with us about your channel's progress!
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator -Monday Daily Discussion 🔋

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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Daily $GME Discussion Thread

Daily $GME Discussion Thread
This is the Daily $GME discussion thread Posted daily at 1:00 AM Market time
Computershare DD Series The Jungle is a restricted community and only approved members can post and comment. We are not accepting requests for approval at this time
Keep it groovy or leave, man! ✌ Tag mods and use the report feature if you have issues
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Day After Observations, Hot Takes, and Full-Blown Panic

Tell us what is on your mind from Sunday's round of games.

All rules still apply, so remember, be excellent to one another.
At 5pm EST, the MNF game thread will go live.
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Weekly Monday Discussion - What did you get up to this weekend?

Please use this thread to discuss anything and everything you got up to this weekend. What accomplishments or goals did you achieve, or what did you try or give a go; no matter how big or small? What did you struggle with? Feel free to discuss any experiences you had this weekend, anything that may assist someone else or just to talk about!
Reminder to please keep the discussion within the rules in the sidebar. Peace friends. Take care.
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Weekly Meet-N-Greet

Hello Chadlets! It's time for the weekly meet-n-greet!
This thread is for people who want to participate in chasingchad but don't quite know how to get started. Say hi! Talk about something that's on your mind! Much like dating, the hardest step is putting yourself out there, so rip that band-aid off!
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2021.12.06 03:00 red_spy123 bonjour fellow spies

this is the spie speaking. if you have found this subreddit, we play for both sides. we give intel to the other sides. for instance, we give joinhornyrevolution intel of BONKpatrol, and same around.
but i must say, be careful, and dont leak this subreddit to either teams or we will be in a pickle.

red spy out
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator New Week!

Monday! let's get it! #TOGh
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2021.12.06 03:00 FunBBBot Daily Discussion Thread - December 06, 2021

Feel free to post things in the Daily Discussion Thread that don't warrant a subreddit-level discussion. Although most of our posting rules will be relaxed here, you should still consider your audience when posting. Most importantly, show respect to your fellow redditors. General redditiquette always applies.
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator The Weekly Discussion Thread

Returning by popular demand, this is the Weekly Discussion Thread in which the community utilizes to cover things that don't require it's own post or want to mix in some real world FIFA talk or non-game related stuff.
Yes, all the other rules still apply here. You can be off topic, but don't be an asshole.
So, what's on your mind?
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2021.12.06 03:00 Alara1992 [WTS] Wife saw PayPal statement sale (CA)

Dibs is king
PayPal F&F, Venmo F&F, Cash app all acceptable forms of payment.
All prices shipped OBO, the more you buy, can offer discount for shipping savings! If I missed anything, please let me know, and no it’s not for sale 😉
Reptilia Micro 1.93 FDE Mount, like new, mounted fired about 100 rounds. Just didn’t match as well as I expected, going Scalarworks since already running peak sights. $75
Radian Talon FDE, used, some scratches from installing to different lowers and changing stuff up, got Badgers, I’ll miss the 45 degrees, but it is what it is $45
FCD LDFA Serrated (circular), like new. Didn’t end up running it. $35
2 Railscales HTP Dragon M-Lok 2.5 slot, great condition. Bought in bundle, don’t need them. $20
Modern Armory DickButt Nitride BCG, new, bought as an extra, have way too many BCGS. $155
Geissele Super 42 buffer kit H1, switched to A5, buffer seen about 200 rounds, buffer has wear from out of spec lower. $45
Unknown H1 buffer and spring, might be Franklin Armory. Seen about 100 rounds Don’t need it $20
Unknown H1 buffer $9 or free with any purchase
Magpul MS3 Sling Gen 2, with magpul RSA and ASAP end plate. All in great condition. $60
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2021.12.06 03:00 Lordford_ r/Atalanta - Weekly Discussion

Atalanta - Weekly Discussion This thread is for general discussion and a place to ask quick questions.

To learn more about Atalanta
Official club website
Atalanta Podcast
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Join r/NBA2kTeamUp to find teammates, and r/MyTEAM to keep up with the latest content drops and Locker Codes!

Join NBA2kTeamUp to find teammates, and MyTEAM to keep up with the latest content drops and Locker Codes! NBA2kTeamUp
Find Park/Pro-Am/Rec teammates!
Keep up with the latest content drops and Locker Codes!
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Motivation Monday

It's another week!
What is something that motivates you right now to dominate this week?
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2021.12.06 03:00 DanHassler0 Canoo Weekly Investor Discussion

This thread is to comment on the daily Canoo stock movement.
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Daily Questions Megathread December 06, 2021

Hi everyone!
This is an Megathread in order to consolidate any questions you might have regarding PGR in order to keep discussion in one place.
Please refrain from making new threads and use the search function first to see if your question has already been answered as well as look at previous Megathreads. *Please make sure to also visit our Discord *Refer to the following Team Comp Guide as well. *Beginner's Video Guides
Introduction -
Gacha & Tier List -
Emulator & Controls -
Speedrun version -
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Weekly General Discussion

Welcome to the Weekly Trading Discussion Thread!
As with our Weekly Thread on nanontrade, the purpose of this thread is to provide a location to discuss:

Guidelines for posting in this thread:
-- Any large issues, shoot u/sneaky-rabbit a PM! Thanks!
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2021.12.06 03:00 TerenceC777 Weekly General and Questions Megathread

Weekly General and Questions Megathread Use this Megathread if you have general questions or need advice! e.g. asking for EX / Candy recommendation, gems usage, "Should I pull this banner?", "How do I build a team on this stage?", etc.
If you need team building help specifically for Battle Villa or Champion Stadium, you may use Battle Villa Megathread or Champion Stadium Kanto / Johto / Unova Megathread to receive quicker response.
Installing Pokémon Masters Pokémon Masters is available worldwide except for Belgium and The Netherlands due to bans on loot boxes.
We will go over the two main platforms on installing the game, IOS and Android.
According to the official site, the game is most compatible in these devices:
iOS: 11 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
Android: OS 7.0 or higher / 64 bit / at least 2 GB of RAM
  1. Via Apple Store: HERE
  1. Via Google Play Store: HERE
  2. Others
If the game is unavailable in your country or shows as not available for your device, you can download the APK directly from APKPure or QooApp.
You can also use VPN to download it from the application store, but it requires longer downloading time compared to the above recommended methods.

Reroll Guide Reroll means that you make a new account and look at what you got from your scout. If you don't like your first multi-pull, you delete the account and create a new one again and so on until you are satisfied.

Why reroll?
  • You're a new or returning player and you want to get your hands on meta Sync Pairs for easier clears.
  • The Sync Pair box in your old account is outdated and no longer fits into the meta.
  • A favourite/meta Sync Pair has been released and you want to get him/her no matter what.

How to Reroll?
  1. If you're an existing player, delete your local data or cache first. Otherwise, do not link your account to Nintendo. Doing so will bind your Pokémon Masters account to your Nintendo profile permanently and can no longer be removed.
  2. Play through the story and complete Bingo Missions of Beginner (and Intermediate) level. You should be able to get at least 6,000 gems (equivalent to 2 multi scout x11) for rolling.
  3. New players who recently started the game can scout on a 72-hour Triple Feature Poké Fair Scout, featuring SS Red & Charizard (Special Striker), SS Blue & Blastoise (Support), and SS Leaf & Venusaur (Tech). These three units are also known as Kanto Trio, arguably some of the strongest units standing in the metagame. Since this is a Poké Fair with a 10% rate of pulling a 5★ Sync Pair, you should try to scout on this banner as much as possible and obtain at least one of any Kanto Trio trainers.
  4. If you are not satisfied with your pulls, click on the Poryphone at the right-bottom corner in the Pokémon centre -> Account -> Delete Save Data. Repeat the above steps until you pulled the Sync Pair you want.
  5. Now that you're ready to go on an adventure, try to get any free Sync Pairs as you progress:
  • Professor Oak & Mew: Complete his Sync Pair story and finish the bingo missions from Professor Oak & Mew Special Missions.
  • Rosa & Serperior: Complete all bingo missions from "Rise to 6★ EX wtih Rosa!" and upgrade her to 6★ EX.
  • Legendary Event Sync Pairs: Obtainable via Legendary Adventures. Reach the end of story to obtain the legendary Sync Pair, character-exclusive 5★ promotion tickets and event vouchers. Try to upgrade them to 5/5 20/20 as soon as possible; they will be valuable assets for content clearing.
  • Note: More legendary Sync Pairs will be added to Legendary Adventures over time. Materials for unlocking Mega Evolution and 6★ EX for Giovanni & Mewtwo are event-limited, and cannot be obtained from Legendary Adventures.

EX Gear Type Chart
In-Game FAQ 1. Why hasn't my Pokemon evolved? It's at Level [X]!
Evolution requires an evolution item available at the shop, in exchange for coins, daily scout, Training Area (Evolution Material Area). Upon earning the Evolution Materials, you need to go to the Sync Pair Stories to trigger the Evolution Story.
2. Should I save to do 11 multi-scouts instead of single scouts?
You can now get x11 units instead of 10, so yes, but we strongly recommend you to save gems for Pokefair banners (which has a higher rate for 5★ characters) or featured banners containing meta Sync Pairs (e.g. Serena).
3. How many gems are required to receive a Sync Pair of my choice?
36.400 gems, which is the equivalent of 400 scout points. Scout points do not carry over between banners.
4. What does [X]/5, [Y]/20, etc mean?
When you obtain a Sync Pair, they're at 1/5 Sync Move level. Rolling a dupe of that Sync Pair, or using a Move Candy will increase it by 1 level. 3/5 unlocks the complete expanded Sync Grid, but their Sync Move will be completely maxed out at 5/5.
At the same time, Sync Pairs are at 0/20 when they're just obtained. Using promotion tickets of non-promoted stars will increase their overall stats, with 20 being the max. Getting a unit to 20/20 is mandatory for it to further upgrade to 6★ EX (if it has one).
5. How do I Unlock The Level cap of my units?
Training Area (Cap Unlock Area), (Cap Unlock Area 2), Exchange in the shop during events.
6. Where do I get the manuals to level up my sync pairs?
Training Area (Level up Area), Exchange in the shop, Events.
7. How do I get Sync orbs?
Training Area (Sync orb Area), Exchange in the shop, Champion Stadium Master Mode (6K & 7.5K), Events.
8. What are Theme Skill and how do I get items to power them up?
Theme Skill is a new ability that strengthens your Sync Pairs if any of them has a common position, type, and/or region with another in the same team. Skill Spheres which can be obtained in Theme Skill area and Champion Stadium Master Mode are required to upgrade them.
9. What Lucky Skill should I roll for [X]? How do I get Lucky Cookies and Scrolls to unlock a Sync Pair's Lucky Skill?
In general, the choices of Lucky Skills follow the roles of Sync Pairs:
  • Striker: Critical Strike 2 (3★ Crunchy, RECOMMENDED), Power Flux 3 (3★ Crunchy)
  • Support: Vigilance (3★ Creamy), unless if the Sync Pair already has Vigilance in his/her kit
  • Tech:
    • Refer to Striker if the Sync Pair's kit is Striker-based (e.g. Marnie & Morpeko, May & Swampert, P Serena & Whimsicott, etc.)
    • Refer to Support if the Sync Pair's kit is a tanker and/or a healer (e.g. Prof Oak & Mew, SS Leaf & Venusaur, etc.)
There are exceptions to some Sync Pairs. For example,
  • Iris & Haxorous favours Lessen Confusion 9 (2★ Crispy) to increase DPS under confusion with Confusion Boon 5 in grid.
  • Serena & Delphox and most other sleep-inducing units favours Troublemaker 1 (3★ Crunchy) to increase the accuracy of sleep-inducing moves.
  • Zinnia & Rayquaza can go for either Clearheaded (3★ Crispy) to prevent confusion after each use of Outrage, or Dauntless (3★ Creamy) to mitigate SP ATK debuffs after each use of Draco Meteor.
Lucky Cookies and Lucky Scrolls can all be obtained in Battle Villa (Single Player & Co-op) and Blissful Bonanza.
10. What are the Sync Move effects of 6★ EX Sync Pairs of different roles? Who should I promote to 6★ EX first?
Refer to Which Sync Pair Should You Give Your Candy To? (Infographic) (by u/MuddyDummy) for more details.
Each role gives different effects to Sync Moves when upgraded to 6★ EX.
  • Striker: Sync Move becomes AoE.
  • Support: Sync Move buff +2 when Sync Move is used for the first time.
  • Tech: Sync Move power x1.5
Striker and Support are usually prioritized for promotion to 6★ EX, because their EX effects give more benefits than Tech units.
For Strikers, if their kit has a very high DPS (e.g. SS Red & Charizard, Diantha & Gardevoir, etc.), or includes a powerful Sync multiplier (e.g. Steven & Metagross's Haymaker, Barry & Empoleon's Inertia, etc.), you are highly recommended to upgrade them to 6★ EX to apply the damage to all opponents. This applies to Tech, but only if the unit is a Sync nuker (e.g. Marnie & Morpeko, May & Swampert, etc.).
Promoting Support-type units to 6★ EX is not a must, but it's always an added bonus, especially if their Sync Move can provide any additional effects.
Always remember to upgrade Rosa to 6★ EX because the materials are obtainable for free.
11. Which Sync Pair should I use my candy on?
Always save your candies unless the Sync Pair is exclusive to Seasonals, Poké Fairs or Master Fairs. Most Sync Pairs are usable at 1/5. You can always "accidentally" pull the unit you've been looking for from the normal pool, but you never know when limited Sync Pairs will rerun again. This may not apply to Sync Pairs that are your waifu or husbando.

Common Technical Questions/Errors Below lists all common technical errors you may encounter during the game, as well as how you can fix it. You are strongly encouraged to contact DeNA with any problems at []( if any of these advice do not help.
  1. Error 20103 — Please check your connection and try again: Usually caused due to lack of connection or sudden disconnection. Try playing the game in a place with more stable connection.
  2. Error 10102 — An error has occurred. Restarting the game: This error is often triggered because it detects your phone is rooted, or that you are using external applications which allows opening multiple accounts on the same device. For rooted phone users, make sure you hide your rooted status.
  3. Game crashed mid-battle: Restart the app and clear your cache. This option is available in the bottom-left corner of the title screen.
  4. Does Pokémon Masters work on emulators? No. As of now, PM is not compatible with any of the emulators (including Bluestacks, Nox, etc.) However, playing two accounts on the same device is possible on Android by cloning with Island.

  • To receive quicker response from other fellow users, it is strongly recommended to enlist your roster, Lucky Skills, Sync Grid builds and other information deemed necessary, such that you can be provided a strategic team with higher chance of success when battling.
  • If you would like to provide images and videos, you may use external websites such as Imgur, Gyazo and Streamable to emb links.
  • Do not force your own playstyle onto others as it is completely subjective. Different kinds of players, veterans and novices, casual and hardcore, may all share different opinions and playstyles. It is fine to give suggestions, but forcing your ideas and way of playing onto others is not something to be condoned here. No one's way of playing is completely right.
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2021.12.06 03:00 AutoModerator Q&A Mondays!

Its Monday again! Please ask everything here you feel might be a dumb question, something not deserving of its own post, or just general things you need help understanding.
This will be a weekly sticky, and always open to those looking for help. Be nice to the newbies!
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