guys check out my paladins inventory

2021.12.06 01:54 DravTheGuy guys check out my paladins inventory

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2021.12.06 01:54 npojg Is 21 Draw good?

Although this is a rather subjective question, any reviews from anyone who has taken it will help. It's on sale right now and I'm curious if the courses helped anybody. I'm into drawing cartoon-anime style, and I take whatever chance I can to learn. So if you have used 21 Draw courses was it helpful? Thanks for any comment.
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2021.12.06 01:54 SahloFolinaCheld My mom actually sucks.

So let me start off by saying that I don't exactly know if this is exactly entitlement or if it is insane, but it does seem to relate to being entitled to judge other people's parenting. Also, this may not be as juicy and tea-drama and bougie as some of the other stories on this subreddit but I don't go for much about extra detail.
Also, none of the names in this are the actual names of my friends.
So let's get started.
So yesterday (in accordance to when this was posted), I had to march in a Christmas parade for my marching band. It went very well even though I could not feel my ankles afterwards because we won first place in the marching sector of the parade.
So us band kids were hanging out in the nearby playground because even though we are all 14-18 years old, we still like to reminisce about our childhood. So me and my friend (let's call her Maya) were hanging out when she asks if I'm staying for the festival at the ballpark down the road.
I asked my mom and she asked her parents and there were yeses all around. So my mom went home because she's a stickler for walking around a lot, but that's excused because she has foot, ankle, and knee problems due to a surgery she had for plantar fasciitis as well as having possible rheumetoid arthritis.
We stayed till 5pm, which M's parents left at around 1pm because they had to go somewhere. However our other friends, Zeke and Madeline, had came by at around 2pm and Zeke is 16 or 17 so we were certainly not alone and plus, he is legally allowed to drive.
But they eventually left at 4, so me and Maya were sitting at a park bench.
Alas, 5pm rolled around and we both texted our parent(s). Her mom and dad got there first so she left before I did. But only 4 minutes passed before my mom pulled up. And that's where it began to climax.
Mother: Are you here alone?
Me: Uh... yeah? But they literally just left.
Mother: I don't care. They shouldn't have just left you here all alone.
Me: Mom, literally they just left. I'm pretty sure you might have even passed them on the way here from the highway.
Mother: I don't care! A lot can happen in 4 minutes. If I were watching Maya, I would have waited until her parents got here. They shouldn't have left you here.
Me: Did you not see the family of four here either? I was technically not alone.
Mother: You need to tell your friends that if you are anywhere with them, they are not to leave until I pick you up. Do you understand me?
Some other rambling and overreactions before I finally tell Maya what happened. She responds telling me that her dad is upset at my mom for thinking that and that she seems flakey... which is a rather logical conclusion to come to.
She's one of those that if you do a single thing wrong, she gets pissed off at you and secretly holds it against you forever.
Then today, I was telling my sister and her significant other (significant other is nonbinary and I don't want to call them by gender-specific terms out of respect) about my day. Then my mom cuts me off halfway through going on a whole new tirade about the exact same thing.
Literally nothing different in the conversation except I decide to make it obvious that I'm not interested in her opinions or her ridicule.
Me: Can I finish my story now?
Mother: I don't give a sh*t about your story. Her parents shouldn't have left you alone there.
Me: Again, did you not see the family there?
Mother: There was nobody else there when I pulled up.
Me: (mind: Did you even bother to look?) They had gone to the dugouts down the hill as soon as you pulled up.
Mother: Mm. I'm sure they did. (continues her tangent)
Me: (out loud) Where did I put my phone again? Huh, I forgot I needed to do something. Huh, what, mom? Oh, yeah. That's cool. (walks into the kitchen and acts like I'm calling one of my friends) Oh, one of my friends are calling me. Nevermind, they hung up. Anyways, Erin, so (continues my story)
My mother sucks. Like, she subliminally berated Maya's parents as well as their parenting. She also made a big deal out of them leaving literally 4 minutes before she got there.
Plus, she has no room to judge other people. She has a very horrible and disturbing habit of bragging about how she puts the fear of god in us as well as putting us as her second priority the moment she gets a new boyfriend. Trust me, I know. It happened 7 or 8 times. She has also made me out to be a bad guy several times and taken other people's word over mine if she even considered to hear my word in the first place. Not to mention she has threatened to beat me multiple times because I was trying to voice my opinion for once. Whenever she is at someone's house, she acts like she has some sort of power over the place and bosses around the kids or even beats the pets if they are being annoying.
Yeah. And she's the good parent, according to most of my family. Except for one of my aunts who knows what my mother has done to us children and hates her for it.
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2021.12.06 01:54 TheGirlWhoFlies26 Hi, I'm Firefly. I'm young, bisexual and honestly, terrified.

Let me just start by saying my family's religious. I am too, and although I don't agree with all their views, I believe there is a God and he is all-loving and all-knowing. But like any Christian religion, mine teaches that anything LGBTQ+ is wrong. They offer "support and love" but really what they want you to do is hide your true sexuality/gender identity and live as a cis and straight person. I have not come out to anyone, ever, but this is my truth. I'm bi. I like girls, and boys, mostly girls. I don't think this is wrong, but every single person in my life and my family does. Sure, I've met a few LGBTQ+ people and done my best to be supportive. But I feel horrible whenever my family says anti-LGBTQ things or when my friends call a trans boy "she" instead of "him". I'm sorry for my long post. I'm scared, though. If I ever came out, I'd most likely be disowned by my grandma or something. I want to support LGBTQ+. I want to freely be bisexual. I want to kiss a girl and not be the shame of my family! But I feel like a coward. I don't know what to do, or if I can really do anything. Other than make a Reddit post on incognito mode late at night. Sigh.
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2021.12.06 01:54 dk9030 Sylvie

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2021.12.06 01:54 sgtfleet 1999 Starting Lineup WHEATIES Jerry Rice

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2021.12.06 01:54 p3t3rparkr For those who are considering SE as career, as me anything

My path to SE is different than most.
Got a BA/MA in Literature
Went to a bootcamp.
Worked for Patreon as a SE
Worked for two Witches
Worked for Amex
Currently at GS
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2021.12.06 01:54 Familiar_Dress_7309 chapter XXVII side mission

does anybody know how to assassinate the enemies? i tried using the time stop thing but they still keep noticing me
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2021.12.06 01:54 mlpr34clopper SLPT: PopTarts taste much better boiled.

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2021.12.06 01:54 Sw33t_H0ney Inbox icon shows I have like notifications but they don’t show up on my activity page

So I made some comments on a video and I believe I was blocked by op because even though I still get like and comment notifications it doesn’t show up on my list of recent activity and op’s account doesn’t come up when I search them. How do I stop receiving notifications for a comment? It’s a bit annoying to get notification I can’t see anymore.
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2021.12.06 01:54 SiaZhang418 Chinese Concept Stocks' winter comes, how can we make it through? $DIDI

Affected by the implementation details of the "Foreign Company Accountability Act" announcd by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, on the last trading day of last week, popular Chinese concept stocks including the online ride-hailing platform company $DIDI plummeted, The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index, which measures the overall performance of Chinese concept stocks, plummeted by more than 9%, and the total market value lost US$258.7 billion overnight, equivalent to RMB 1.65 trillion.
In addition, a spokesperson for the CSRC stated that the CSRC and relevant regulatory authorities have always maintained an open attitude about companies choosing overseas listing locations, and fully respected companies' independent choice of listing locations in compliance with laws and regulations. The CSRC will continue to maintain candid communication with US regulatory counterparts, and strive to resolve the remaining issues in the audit and regulatory cooperation as soon as possible.
Chinese Concept Stocks' winter comes, how can we make it through?
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2021.12.06 01:54 Jwagner0850 Devonta Smith ( I need help)

Man, I truly believe this dude is super talented, but what is going on? I know he's been having trouble getting a QB that will get him the ball, but I didn't watch todays game.
Could someone give me a rundown of how he looked today and if there are any additional concerns?
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2021.12.06 01:54 mabruns94 OU and UO

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2021.12.06 01:54 NFT_Art_Dealer Stoney ape on mintable link in comments 0.005 eth (x-post from /r/Mintable_App)

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2021.12.06 01:54 OkTip2886 She at least likes this more than the cone of shame.

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2021.12.06 01:54 saladass1738 No fucking way

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2021.12.06 01:54 TwilightNight25 Round 2⑨1 What's your favorite print work?

Personally, it's a two-way tie between Wild and Horned Hermit and Forbidden Scrollery.
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2021.12.06 01:54 mskatme0w My 14 year old girl striking a pose!

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2021.12.06 01:54 SpicyAccountantZ notify me

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2021.12.06 01:54 Quantumscape As a God ki main since the beginning of this game, I'm so proud seeing my team be so widespread now and loved

From the blue bois in 1st ani, to green Vegeta lf and rose, to ssbk, and the rest. We were nothing for a long time, now, we are widespread
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2021.12.06 01:54 SWIMMELL11 What are some Christmas/holiday traditions you/your family have that are not the norm?

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2021.12.06 01:54 239367 Accessories recommendations

Guys … taking the delivery on this Thursday. Yes finally !!! What are the accessories you recommend ? Any good resources for knowledge.
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2021.12.06 01:54 Ryu-Sion Tired of the "Watch replays to figure out gameplay flaws and fix them" advice, as well as the "Try to see what your opponent intends to do and get reads" advice.

It's a rant.
I am at the point where I feel like it DOES NOT MATTER how many replays I watch, or how defensive I try to play to read my opponents and anticipate their options, because if I don't have the ACTUAL SKILL and BRAINPOWER to process all of that good enough, then I won't actually be able to make MEANINGFUL plays and ACTUALLY capitalize on stuff I KNOW they are going to do.
Especially when my usual stuff doesn't work in the match (Props to the opponent for straight up out playing me), and then I am advised by said opponent to try specific new strats, but since he ALREADY KNOWS THE NEW STRATS MAY COME INTO PLAY, HE ALSO KNOWS HOW TO EASILY COUNTER IT! THUS, all of my strats, old and new, all constantly backfire.
And it further proves that no matter my training and current level, as it stands at this time, they are straight up the better player and they have me completely dialed on ALL MY OPTIONS, thus there is nothing I can do to beat them no matter what I try or intend atm.
I can try to be optimistic, but I will not be blind to the issues in my gameplay and just think "I can still win". NO!
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2021.12.06 01:54 t_ahhh My asthmatic cat hasn’t been the same since her last vet visit.

After receiving the initial diagnosis that my cat had asthma, I wasn’t happy with the vet experience nor the treatment options presented to me. They had to sedate her for her aggression, so she had an accident and they sent her home with me covered in feces. The only treatment option they gave me was a steroid that came with a bunch of side effects that sounded worse than her current condition.
I held off for several months before bringing her to a new vet, which I did about 3 weeks ago. Since this last visit 3 weeks ago, my cats condition has declined and her behavior is completely different.
So I brought her in to see the new vet, the visit was again a disaster, similar to the first clinic. She was so aggressive that they had to sedate her, they couldn’t give her any shots with how she was. She had an accident, they sent her home with me covered in urine this time. I know this is just what happens when an animal is put on sedatives. The vet prescribed me an inhaler, and we started administering that right away. She hates it, but it definitely helps with her coughing fits.
5 days later, she starts acting extremely strange. She is in a lethargic state, doesn’t move from the same spot all day. Can’t jump up high, seems to have trouble moving, and she hides in the closet all day. I’m concerned so I call my vet. The receptionist says the doctor will give me a call to discuss what’s happening with her and I never get a call back. Just my luck, this was the day before Thanksgiving so they are certainly closed until the following week.
We decide to bring her to an animal hospital. She is sedated AGAIN and subjected to a plethora of tests and exams only to determine she has a fever from an unknown source (1000 dollars later). They gave her a long-lasting antibiotic that would’ve kicked in 48 hours later and killed any infection she might have. We took her home and she stopped eating and drinking, continued to hide in closets. Didn’t seem like her condition was improving.
A week later, she is… Not the same cat. I have seen subtle improvements, but she is different. We are working hard to get her weight back up, she is eating and drinking again, she purrs when we pet her and doesn’t seem as lethargic, however all she does is sleep all day, much more than a normal cat. Has no interest in playing with toys. She hides under the recliner and Christmas tree, refuses to sleep with us in bed. I’d say it’s because she can’t make the walk or jump, but I just saw her sprint full-speed back into the living room after trying to bring her to bed with me.
MY vets are little to no help at this point, and I think bringing her back is NOT a good idea. I had another phone conversation with my primary vet and he is stumped. Essentially, he wants me to wait it out. Truthfully, I think she may be traumatized and depressed. If that’s the case, I don’t know what I can do to help her.
I’m sorry that was so much to read. I am so beyond confused and concerned for my cat, it feels like she is so so different from how she used to behave. I’m scared I won’t ever get her back emotionally. I don’t trust bringing her back to the clinic, I truly think this will do more damage than good. If there is any information anyone has that might help I am all ears, thanks.
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2021.12.06 01:54 Supay67 An old beach adventure. She was such a good girl.

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