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Gonna Miss Him :')

2021.12.06 01:35 DCGMechanics Gonna Miss Him :')

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2021.12.06 01:35 Lone_Truth2 Ske7ch, don’t take it personally.

The fanbase isn’t out to get you, they are just passionate about a game that they love. Yes, there is dumb shit being said out there but that is a give with a fanbase this large. Does that excuse it? No, but the vast majority of the community does not stand for death threats and other obscene threats. That very small part of the community is ignored and downvoted by the rest of us normal fans.
You seem to also have an issue with the fanbase repeatedly drilling 343 for making mistake on the development of infinite, and this is honestly the problem with your attitude. Yes, you guys worked hard on this great game. Yes, it’s tough being criticized on it. But the writing is on the wall, man. Most of the mistakes you made were also mistakes in Halo 5 that you should have corrected in this game. Progression, lack of content, and monetization were all major issues in Halo 5 and are somehow worse in this game. The fanbase has a right to be infuriated by this as we do not feel heard, and most of the time when you do listen, you still always have to put your own spin on the change rather than simply making the change the community wants.
I’ll explain this in better detail. We are asking for more modes in the game, that have always been there. Your recent tweet hinted at the fact that you want to bring “new” experiences (game modes) to the game and because of that, it takes time. The community doesn’t want new experiences, we want what we’ve always had in halo. Why do we have to over complicate things? Give us the SIMPLE modes we asked for, not a new experience that we didn’t ask for.
This leads me to my next point, sacrifices were clearly made in both Halo 5 and Infinite so that we can get these “new experiences. This includes changes/additions to the games that no one asked for such as warzone, breakout, req packs, the battle pass, the overhaul of BTB, and F2P. All of these changes/additions to the game clearly took up a good portion of the development of these games and that time could have been used to have the content we are missing in these games. I don’t think that SWAT or Infection are very hard to develop compared to Warzone or the new overcomplicated BTB mode. Why overcomplicate this? The fan base is way more likely to receive new content better if all of their content from the previous games is still there. Make the game up to the standard of the old games FIRST, and then try to add/change things. This is an area where infinite outdoes Halo 5, due to the classic art style and superb gameplay. But now, content is lacking which was so easily avoidable if you guys didn’t waste time making experiences no one asked for. Again, we might enjoy these new experiences if we had all of the content we expected already, but we don’t and this is why we don’t like the changes and additions you guys make.
I don’t personally like the trend chasing 343 is doing with the battle pass, but it can still be done right if we have a proper progression system to go with it. This alone just highlights the fact that we don’t hate the changes you make. We just want what we have always had, parts of the game that made halo, halo.
Please, listen to us on stuff like this and use this whole debacle as a reference for all further gameplay development for halo. If you focus on adding the content we are missing and continue listening to the fans, the outcry WILL die now. This whole “you guys are mean, game development is hard” stance just fires up the community and makes you look bad when you continue to make the same mistakes by taking MONTHS to fix issues because you want to add new experiences and continue to make similar mistakes. Who cares if the community is a fiery about these issues? At least you made a game they care about.
We do not hate you or anyone at 343, we just want the Halo we have known and loved for decades now.
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2021.12.06 01:35 eleventhtiming Hook ups vs dates??

I saw a post when the guy said he has sex with a girl he met from a dating app - while not being interested - and everyone’s bashing him saying he made used of her.
So … I went on a tinder date yesterday last night as well. While I was not one to explicitly seek ONS or am “DTF” - it wasn’t like I expected a relationship out of someone I meet from tinder as well.
I expected it to be more of a casual date - we talk for a few days, we meet for drinks. And that’s it.
(If it makes any difference, I’m an Asian and he is German here for work. So perhaps that itself distinguishes the context already?)
Never planned to have sex either but had abit too much drinks and it ended up to sex - yes I initiated it as well.
Of course after the sex we stayed awhile to continue talking and have ice cream, then I left. He told me to text when I am home which I did, and that was it.
Although I enjoyed the night I don’t think I’ll see him again anymore - but it’s not so much of a binary no? While it was definitely not going to turn into a relationship I didn’t think it was so much of a “made use of for sex” or a one night stand thing. Just two people who were feeling and happened to get along well enough after an entire evening.
Thoughts? Actually new to this dating app thing so trying to figure out what’s the norm.
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2021.12.06 01:35 SKAr-FACE Army Unit Named In Nagaland Op Deaths, "Intention To Murder," Allege Cops

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2021.12.06 01:35 OTheScientist_MLP Explain like I'm 5 please: IVs to look for at lvl 1

I feel like I might understand but, I can't seem to find a decent article to explain it any better than my guessing about it. SO TO REDDIT I GO!
I have a Shiny Foreign Ditto (don't know IVs it was lvl 51) + (ponyta wild caught) place in egg farm and BOOM!!! 8-10 eggs later dang near all have 6,6,6,6,5 / 6,6,6,7,5 / 6,6,6,6,6 / 6,6,5,7,7 / 6,6,6,7,7. Not a 4 to be seen.
My question: I have always thought all 6s were the "best" to look for. Wasn't really aware 7 were a thing. Let alone two 7s (I haven't bred pokes much.) Can someone please explain to me, like I'm 5 years old, what IVs to be shooting for at a lvl 1?
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2021.12.06 01:35 Small-Can3519 网投 怎么 辩别 正规 实体 靠谱 平台

网投 怎么 辩别 正规 实体 靠谱 平台 据安徽六安检察消息,2021年10月19日,六安市霍山县人民检察院以涉嫌开设赌场罪依法对王某某等24人提起公诉。 河南某网络科技有限公司的王某某及南京某电子竞技俱乐部的祁某某、蒋某某等四人自2019年下半年至2020年年底,与“雷竞技”网络赌博平台管理人员相互合作,分别组织其雇请的游戏战队队员以不同的游戏战队名义参加DOTA2游戏竞技比赛,“雷竞技”将比赛赛程放在其赌博盘口上,供
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2021.12.06 01:35 sxansean Missing one shoe tree, brand new will this pass?

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2021.12.06 01:35 nfjdj00494 Check

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2021.12.06 01:35 LionEye989 Mods wont work!

I have mods turned on, in my mods folder and it says I have them when I start the game but they just wont show up in game any help?
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2021.12.06 01:35 palavi_10 Learning solidity, Did not understand the bold part ? please help

If the target account is not set (the transaction does not have a recipient or the recipient is set to null), the transaction creates a new contract. As already mentioned, the address of that contract is not the zero address but an address derived from the sender and its number of transactions sent (the “nonce”). The payload of such a contract creation transaction is taken to be EVM bytecode and executed. The output data of this execution is permanently stored as the code of the contract. This means that in order to create a contract, you do not send the actual code of the contract, but in fact code that returns that code when executed.
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2021.12.06 01:35 mailrameshnarayan Megha Gupta (New)

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2021.12.06 01:35 lambxlambxlamb This Insane Show

If anyone needs me I’ll be in the kitchen stress eating
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2021.12.06 01:35 enough-syllabub-8932 Falar putaria e bater pra conhecidas novinhas chama kik twn100

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2021.12.06 01:35 xdhotmountain MSI M92 mouse Software

This is the first time ive ever used anything msi and im having trouble trying to find the settings/software for my mouse (on dragon centre). I literally just want to change my dpi to 800 and change some of the side buttons but I have no idea how.
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2021.12.06 01:35 LadenCheetah TMod Loader on Linux

I need help with tmod loader on Linux, because whenever I try to down load mods it just stops downloading immediately. I know I have to download them manually but how?
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2021.12.06 01:35 sk1nlan Remote Start feature

Can we PLEASE get an update to turn the heated seat function on for remote start through the Kia connect app!!!!
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2021.12.06 01:35 alamus Fruit cake

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of any places in Sydney selling good fruit cakes? I’ve tried all of my local places in Haberfield and my googling is not working very well.
We were hoping to use it as our wedding cake. None of the established wedding cake shops do traditional fruit cakes anymore.
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2021.12.06 01:35 candlestickinurfries My mom’s in the ER how do I calm down please help

So about maybe 10 mins ago my dad knocked on my door and said my mom’s sick and they’re going to the ER. My mom had some kidney stone surgery 5 days ago and she seemed to be doing fine until like right now? Its about 11:30 at night and im alone in my house and scared shitless. Idk if she’s okay or whats even happening.
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2021.12.06 01:35 pieguy221 Can I get a daily calorie estimate? I am really struggling with Binge eating.

I am male, 5 foot 8 inches, used to be 145 lbs but the past 3 weeks Ive had probably 6-8 binges. BAD ones. Like 5000 calorie bad. 150ish now.
The first couple were physical hunger, I know from Greg that I was far too lean and I didnt feel bad about these. I was probably starving and needed them. But Im feeling guilt and shame after the last few and I dont want to do this anymore. It's starting to be mental fuckery I think.
Average day: 8k-14k steps, 2-8miles bike for transport, weight lifting 3-6 times per week. So quite active generally.
I need to know how much I should try to eat daily to avoid animal brain turning on and binging. The online calculators havent worked for me.
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2021.12.06 01:35 IPANDAMNIT First date

I'm 19 and I have to plan a date but I have never been on a date and I don't know what to do what is a good first date
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2021.12.06 01:35 jonnyjupiter Plugins with connected iPad apps?

Does anyone know of plugins that have an accompanied iOS app that control an active plugin in your DAW, so that your iPad can act as a tactile controller for that plugin? I just got around to integrating an iPad into my rig and imagine that this would be incredibly useful... but I'm having trouble finding any companies to give my money to. I know that there are plenty of standalone iOS apps that I can use and send the audio into my DAW, or out and back in as an effect, but I'm searching for a more in the box workflow. Also more interested in signal processing than instruments.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 01:35 msew What movie is like Whiplash?

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2021.12.06 01:35 Quickmawz Why I love Autoplay

Here are my thoughts on why I love autoplay and why game devs should strive harder to make more autoplay games. I play mobile games over PC or console games solely because I love autoplay found in mobile games over manual play found in PC and console. And here are the reasons why.

  1. I hate manually grinding in MMORPGs. It feels like I'm working rather than playing. Games are meant to give you satisfaction, not give you work assignments to complete.
  2. It feels like I'm getting more rewards for less work put in.
  3. I don't have time to grind in a game 24/7
  4. when I play games, I love watching Youtube on the side or doing other activities (sometimes I like being fully immersed in games, but at least half the time, I'd prefer gaming while multi-tasking some other entertainment-related activity)
  5. By making the time seem to pass by easier when managing autoplay, I'm able to get to endgame more consistently, whereas when playing manually, I barely make it out of the mid-game because I get exhausted from manually playing.
  6. I love managing auto-play because I'm a lazy gamer and telling AI to do the work feels fun rather than doing the grunt work of manually grinding.
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2021.12.06 01:35 TheZigRat My Friends

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2021.12.06 01:35 brianthesavage17 💙💙

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