Bitcoin vs. Gold: El Salvador Could’ve Made Millions More Switching Reserves From Gold to Bitcoin

2021.12.06 01:31 Fuglypump Bitcoin vs. Gold: El Salvador Could’ve Made Millions More Switching Reserves From Gold to Bitcoin

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2021.12.06 01:31 redstarling808 Those tits made me weak

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2021.12.06 01:31 lughtuthade Your Supreme Leader

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2021.12.06 01:31 ZiyodaM Sensory issues or task avoidance?

Hello everyone,
My son has always been the kid who doesn't like to touch rough things. But as he is growing older it seems like this is intensifying.
Whenever I tell him to help carry grocery bags from the car to our apartment, he resists. He describes various things why he wouldn't help me carry the bags. He would use words like: "painful, itchy" to defend himself. The same goes for eating food. He hates to eat the type of food where he needs to use his hands instead of a spoon. But when it's his favorite food, like pizza, he eats holding a towel, and then pizza. Whenever I tell him to help around the house, he mostly resists, stating those reasons. "My hands will be dry/wet/ rough/ uncomfortable"... you name it...
My question can his hands be becoming that sensitive to everything or is he saying those things to avoid work?
And most importantly, how can I help him? Is it really possible to teach him to be helpful when I am faced with those reasons?
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2021.12.06 01:31 Proper-Chemistry8431 Rachel Cook WOW WOW WOW !

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2021.12.06 01:31 Sporatious You okay bro?

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2021.12.06 01:31 flying-changes "Keeper of Avarice" // I (@Iltaniel) made some art of the Nines' horse in a tarot card style.
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2021.12.06 01:31 Acti0n9809 H: TSE25 flamer/cyro/laser rifle, QE25 cyro, VE90 flamer, VE25 laser, AAE15vcf gp and many more W: Explosive peppershaker or TSE25 laser

.Red asylum 3
Clean spacesuit full outfit
Emmet mountain hazmat
AE gatling plasma 1
AAE15vcf gatling plasma 1
AAE15vcf cyrolator 1
AAE250 gatling plasma 1
AAE90 gatling plasma 1
AAE50 laser rifle 3
AAE tesla 4
AAE25 radium rifle 1
BEFR dragon legacy range/damage
BE25 gauss rifle 9
BE90 radium rifle 2
BE25 tesla rifle 3
BE25 uc laser rifle 3
BE25 flamer 3
BE+A cyrolator 1
BE50 cyrolator 2
BE250 laser rifle 1
BE15FR gatling plasma 6
BE25 gatling plasma 1
BE15FR laser rifle 6
BE15fr flamer 1
BE25 gatling laser 1
BE+A gatling laser 7
B2590 ultracite gatling laser
BE50 head 1
BerE250 ultracite laser rifle 1
DE gatling plasma 3
ExeE gatling plasma 1
FE50 laser rifle 1
FE90 gatling plasma 1
FE25 flamer 2
FE laser rifle Lv5 4
GSE15fr gatling plasma 1
IE laser rifle 2
IE25 gatling plasma 1
JE15FR gatling laser 1
JE250 flamer 2
JE25 gatling laser 1
JE250 cyro 1
JE25 flamer 2
JE+A laser rifle 5
JE laser rifle 1
JE250 uc laser rifle 1
JE+P gatling plasma 7
MuE25 laser rifle 1
QE15fr harpoon 1
QE+P assaultron head 5
QE15FR tesla rifle 1
QE25 fixer
QE+A harpoon 1
QE ultracite laser rifle 1
QE50 laser rifle 4
QE25 cyro 1
QE15FR laser rifle 1
StE50 laser rifle 1
StE+P gatling plasma 1
SuE15fr gatling plasma 1
TSEFMSWA assaultron head 13
TSE50 laser rifle 1
TSE gauss rifle 1
TSE tesla 1
TSE uc laser rifle 1
TSEFM dragon legacy range 1
TSE90 gatling laser 2
TSE25 flamer 2
TSE25 laser rifle 2
TSE25 cyro 1
TSE+A gatling plasma 1
VE25 gatling plasma 1
VE+P tesla rifle 1
VE90 flamer 1
VE+P flamer 1
VE25 laser rifle 2
VE laser rifle 2
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2021.12.06 01:31 cascadian_redditor A̙͉͠p̳̻͜p̝̂͞ t͂͜͜ó̮̃ k̸̆͘n̍̿͢o̧̝ͪw̛̗̅ a̛̬̍n̡̝̏y͓̼͟w̤͛́h̉̾͠e̛͖͈ȓ̫̈́e̜̱͢ p̞̰͐ȩ̪͖ő̶̬p͉ͨ͠l̢͈̇e̸̹͐ f͚ͯ̉ŏ̳̲r̷͙͉ r̻͇̀e̛̥̦à̸̼ļ̜ͯi͖̎̄sͮ͟ͅt̙̀̐ĭ́̇c̲ͤͤ a̷̴̟ń̨̲i̅́́m̸̝͞ą͎͑ĺ̀͜ ẗ̞́͝á͇̊t͋̕͠ţ̙͢o̥͔͟ǫ̰̓s̞̍͞.

A̙͉͠p̳̻͜p̝̂͞ t͂͜͜ó̮̃ k̸̆͘n̍̿͢o̧̝ͪw̛̗̅ a̛̬̍n̡̝̏y͓̼͟w̤͛́h̉̾͠e̛͖͈ȓ̫̈́e̜̱͢ p̞̰͐ȩ̪͖ő̶̬p͉ͨ͠l̢͈̇e̸̹͐ f͚ͯ̉ŏ̳̲r̷͙͉ r̻͇̀e̛̥̦à̸̼ļ̜ͯi͖̎̄sͮ͟ͅt̙̀̐ĭ́̇c̲ͤͤ a̷̴̟ń̨̲i̅́́m̸̝͞ą͎͑ĺ̀͜ ẗ̞́͝á͇̊t͋̕͠ţ̙͢o̥͔͟ǫ̰̓s̞̍͞. submitted by cascadian_redditor to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 01:31 ericwrightp226 My very first pawn shop guitar, plays great 🎸 🍺👍🏾

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2021.12.06 01:31 cmYo Google Cloud storage vs AWS S3 with Cloudfront?

I am working on a project where mobile apps playing videos varying between 1-50 MB of size. I need to choose between GCS and AWS S3 to store these videos. I'll need CDN as well. What should I choose keeping both performance and Pricing in mind?
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2021.12.06 01:31 Revolutionary_Run206 This guy on brogress that claims fish oil, and B vitamins with proper training for one year

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2021.12.06 01:31 bfcdf3e Aussie cop comforts crying woman

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2021.12.06 01:31 WrWilmot Coin Hunt World Streamer Highlights Nov. 29 - Dec. 5

Another Week, another video.
Make sure to VOTE for the best blockchain game - VOTE FOR COIN HUNT WORLD
Voting Tutorial if you're having issues.
As always, if there are any creators in the community that you don't see that you'd like to, please DM me, or leave a comment and I'll gladly look into adding them.
Like, Comment, Subscribe, blah blah blah, all the YouTube stuff you always hear.
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2021.12.06 01:31 Trevor-On-Reddit I like Commander Laurette after knowing her for 1 minute in the tutorial more than I like Commander Palmer after knowing her for 9 years.

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2021.12.06 01:31 Available-Body5789 Is the upcoming week last week before recess???

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2021.12.06 01:31 pimpdaddynasty Bombed by Hullbreacher horror in my first 3 games in premier.

Couple days ago and I'm not the overly salty type but of course itd be insane bad luck like that and I had to chill off arena for a couple days. Nasty UR exploit deck I had going too, felt like I was winning every game till "lol horror" and got smoked. Lol. There is no point to this, just figured id share my misery for you guys to enjoy.
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2021.12.06 01:31 Drewby99 Confused with blue smelter demon

Supposedly he is supposed to be weak to lightning damage. I am using a +4 lightning dragon chime with 50 faith, but my great lightning spears deal only 34 damage. Is there something I am missing?
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2021.12.06 01:31 Responsible-Use-8405 No title need help and suggestions

Actors: General Herbert Otto: Christoph Waltz Adolf Hitler: Adrian Zwicker Joseph Gobbels: Mark Strong Heinrich Himmler: Ulrich Noethen Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg: Ted Danson Captian Crocket: James McAvoy German Soldiers: David Kross (Hans), Alexander Fehling, Florian David Fritz, Max Riemelt, Nicholas Hoult, Max Irons, Tom Holland Hitler Youth: Finn Wolfhard, Jacob Tremblay, Jaeden Martell, Max Charles, Ty Simpkins Jewish teen: Landon Gimenez Jewish people: Woody Allen, Zoe Kazan, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Caroline Goodale, Noah Schnapp, Noah Jupe, Adam Sandler
The camera pans in on the Reichstag 1948 APRIL 15 as the house of the rising sun plays but in German, the music starts to fade as we zoom into the building there are 5 people in the room while the music plays we are introduced with close face ups of each of the 5 men.

Dr. Joseph Gobbels 
"NO! NO! NO! We must do something regarding these Jew pests!" (GERMAN) "NEIN! NEIN! NEIN! Wir müssen etwas gegen diese Judenschädlinge unternehmen!"
Heinrich Himmler "What do you think, Werner?" (GERMAN) "Was denkst du Werner?"
Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg "Yes, I concur with Mr. Gobbels they have bombed Berlin my Füher, and with us prevailing in the war with Russia I believe this is an opportunity to penetrate the English Jew land" (GERMAN) Ja, ich stimme Herrn Gobbels zu, sie haben Berlin mein Führer bombardiert und da wir im Krieg mit Russland erfolgreich sind, glaube ich, dass dies eine Gelegenheit ist, in das englische Judenland einzudringen!“
Heinrich Himmler "Well said, Werner! I believe we should move the invasion force to La Barre-de-Montis they will never see us coming. My Führer I believe we should move the high command to the North Atlantic Resort so we can plan the invasion more completely. So whichever do you think my Füher." (GERMAN) "Gut gesagt, Werner! Ich glaube, wir sollten die Invasionstruppe nach La Barre-de-Montis verlegen, sie werden uns nie kommen sehen. Mein Führer, ich glaube, wir sollten das Oberkommando in das North Atlantic Resort verlegen, damit wir die Invasion besser planen können." gründlich. Also was meinst du, mein Führer."
Adolf Hitler We need to fight against the Jewish scheme! The German people remain in danger but we are the guardians of the Reich! We need to destroy the Jew first by invading the polluted English and then the infected country built by immigrants the United States! For Germany, for the Reich! We will move the high command to La Barre-de-Montis" (GERMAN) Wir müssen gegen das jüdische Schema kämpfen! Das deutsche Volk bleibt in Gefahr, aber wir sind die Wächter des Reiches! Wir müssen zuerst die Juden vernichten, indem wir die verschmutzten Engländer überfallen und dann das infizierte Land, das von Einwanderern gebaut wurde, die Vereinigten Staaten! Für Deutschland, für das Reich! Wir werden das Oberkommando nach La Barre-de-Montis verlegen"
(ALL) Heil Hitler!
Then the camera swaps to Captian Crocket standing in front of 20 British Paratroopers Captian Crocket is Irish Captian Crocket "Today is an immeasurable day man, today we cut off the fuckin head of the Nazi war machine! And liberate the Jewish people of Europe from their Nazi captors! (cough, cough) Captian Crocket "Listen, lads, I know were just twenty half retarted English men but we have to do this! Operation Cobra plant a bomb in Hitler's private Atlantic resort in La Barre-de-Montis and blow the damn Nazis to hell! So are you lads "Utrinque paratus! (ALL) Hell yes!
Captian Crocket That's what I like to damn well hear we will be departing tonight briefing will be in your quarters study those plans once we arrive at the sea wall its blood guts and flying fuckin bullets twelve of us will create a distraction while the rest of youse will go plant the fuckin bomb now get ye fat arses to yee quarters! Now!
The camera transitions to another shot where General Herbert Otto walking down an aisle shooting prisoners as Mozart Introitus Requiem plays as we see Jews shoved into pits of fire alive and see the horrors of the holocaust. As we see more Jews entering the camp we see the Hitler Youth watching some don't say anything and look away others watch and cheer on as Jews are shot and killed and the youth brainwashed cheer on the death of once close friends and neighbors. As one boy looks on he sees an infant dropped to the ground when his mother was shot and is stepped on by the general. A teardrop goes down the boy's face as he looks away. In the middle of the death, General Herbert Otto stands slow dancing and laughing while he kills Jewish children with his pistol his leather uniform soaked with the blood of the innocent
Hitler Youth "Die Jews" (GERMAN) "Juden sterben" "Yes, leave Germany" (GERMAN) „Ja, verlasse Deutschland“ "Kill all the Jews!" (GERMAN) "Töten alle Juden!"
General Herbert Otto "I am Lucifer! HAHAHA!" (GERMAN) "Ich bin Luzifer! HAHAHA!" A soldier the appears
Soldier Hans Sir! I hate to obstruct the fun but the Führer has requested you at the North Atlantic French resort on the beach of La Barre-de-Montis" (GERMAN) Herr! Ich hasse es, den Spaß zu behindern, aber der Führer hat Sie in das französische Nordatlantik-Resort am Strand von La Barre-de-Montis gebeten."
General Herbert Otto "Thank you Hans here take my pistol and finish off these nuances." (GERMAN) "Danke Hans hier, nimm meine Pistole und mach diese Nuancen fertig."
Herbert hands the pistol to Hans and walks away as he walks away we hear gunshots in the background and the Hitler Youth cheering as Jews scream in terror.
APRIL 16 1948
Boat driver "50 seconds! 200 yards!"
Captian Crocket "Keep your damn heads down unless you want your brain to turn into fuckin mashed potatoes!"
Soldier "aye, Captain!"
Boat driver "15 seconds! 25 yards!"
Captian Crocket "Brace for fuckin impact AGHH!"
The boat slams into the sea wall as the German defensive lets bullets rip in all directions.
Captian Crocket "Get your arses up and start moving! We need to breach the sea wall and give a distraction for our boys in the air they should be dropping in at 6:15 so we have seven minutes to make the entire Nazi army angry!'
SGT Donald "Sir was pinned down! We need to move now!"
Captian Crocket "I know! I know! I'm thinking of a fuckin plan! God damn this is why the Armada failed, alright Donald you and Howitzer go plant this dynamite on the east wall me and the rest of the fuckin squadron will cover your flank let's go!"
A gunfight breaks out but they break open the wall and get into the trench.
SGT Howitzer "Well, we're even more fucked at this position mate what the hell are we gonna do now!"
Captian Crocket "Nah this is good we have a clear line to get into the compound but we have to wait until our boys in wings get here"
Paratrooper "Sir, it's a green light we need to jump now!"
Paratrooper Captian Hicks "We cant there's not enough air space"
BOOM the airplane cockpit blows up and the plane starts to down
Paratrooper Captian Hick "Shit! Someone get their ass up into that burning cockpit and open that door now!"
Paratrooper "I'll do it, sir!"
Paratrooper Captian Hicks "Well, what are you waiting for were trying to kill Adolf fuckin Hitler and you're just standing there with your dick in your hand move! Move! Move!"
The paratrooper breaks open the door and hit the green button then moves out of the cockpit
Paratrooper Kessler "We are greenlighted for jump sir!"
Paratrooper Captian Hicks "Go! Go! Go! And remember rendezvous at the kraut garage!"
As we see one paratrooper jump we transition to a man being thrown down to the ground the same way the paratrooper jumped
General Herbert Otto “You fucking Jew you will pay for your crimes against Germany” (GERMAN) Du verdammter Jude, du wirst für deine Verbrechen gegen Deutschland bezahlen“
Bam General Herbert Otto kills the Jewish prisoner
Dr. Joseph Gobbels “Otto hurry the fuck up the Führer demands you immediately!” (GERMAN) "Otto beeil dich, verdammt noch mal, der Führer fordert dich sofort!"
General Herbert Otto “To hell with the Führer, I’m killing Jew prisoners he can wait” (GERMAN) Zur Hölle mit dem Führer, ich töte jüdische Gefangene, er kann warten“
Dr. Joseph Gobbels “Don’t talk about the holy Führer like that!” (GERMAN) „Sprich nicht so über den Heiligen Füher!“
General Herbert Otto “The hell I will, fine if you will stop being a whore of the Führer for one second then the prisoner's death can wait” (GERMAN) "Zur Hölle wird es mir gut gehen, wenn Sie für eine Sekunde aufhören, eine Hure des Führers zu sein, dann kann der Tod des Gefangenen warten"
Adolf Hitler “Ah, Otto, you’re here!” (GERMAN) „Ah, Otto, du bist her!“ When Otto enters the room it goes silent and the first part of Erika plays loud through the radio when Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg turns around and turns it down while this is happening Gobbels goes to take his seat before he salutes Hitler but Hitler does not salute him back instead he ignores him
General Herbert Otto “Your Shirt is not up to Code Werner fix it! And that banner is not the precise circumference whoever decorated this chamber and poor Werner’s shirt must be shot! Haha, I am only fooling you all know I like to tease!”
Heinrich Himmler “Oh good to see you Otto how have the French been treating you” (GERMAN) Oh schön, dich zu sehen, Otto, wie sind die Franzosen mit dir umgegangen!”
General Herbert Otto “Oh, good lots of Jews to be killed by the way I must congratulate you men thank you for your gratitude!” (GERMAN) "Oh, viele Juden müssen dabei getötet werden, ich muss euch Männern gratulieren, danke für eure Dankbarkeit!"
Adolf Hitler “No need it has been my pleasure you are one of the best men in the Reich!” (GERMAN) „Nicht nötig, es war mir ein Vergnügen, dass Sie einer der besten Männer im Reich sind!“
Joseph Gobbels turns around and we see a tear down his cheek and he wipes it away with anger that Hitler isn’t congratulating him
General Herbert Otto “Oh the pleasure is mine Adolf” (GERMAN) „Oh das Vergnügen ist mein Adolf“
Adolf Hitler “Oh you flatter me but the fact is you conquered Russia and helped the Reich destroy one million Jews so I thought the best idea is to have you help me conquer the west.” (GERMAN) „Oh, Sie schmeicheln mir, aber Tatsache ist, dass Sie Russland erobert und dem Reich geholfen haben, eine Million Juden zu vernichten Also dachte ich, die beste Idee wäre es, wenn du mir hilfst, den Westen zu erobern.“
General Herbert Otto “My Führer if I may inquire I do not even have a seat in the government how do you expect me to invade the English" (GERMAN) "Mein Führer, wenn ich fragen darf, ich habe nicht einmal einen Sitz in der Regierung, wie soll ich in die Engländer einmarschieren!"
Adolf Hitler "Yes, yes, I understand this but you will stay General until you take London" (GERMAN) "Ja, ja, ich verstehe das, aber Sie bleiben General, bis Sie London einnehmen"
All of the second an alarm goes off
ALARM "All soldiers this is not a drill! There has been a breach at the East Wall! All soldiers on deck we must protect the high command! Heil Hitler!" (GERMAN) "Alle Soldaten, das ist keine Übung! Es hat einen Bruch an der Ostmauer gegeben! Alle Soldaten an Deck müssen wir das Oberkommando beschützen!"
General Herbert Otto “I will dispatch my Iron Cross Elite to protect the entrance point in the garages the rest of you stay here I will go examine the damage of the wall myself”
Otto leaves the room snapping at the guards to follow him the leave and look out to the balcony where they see fires and gunfights breaking out
General Herbert Otto “Ah so much destruction so fun and look at that ginger headed captain running to his men he must be Irish ha”
Captain Crocket “All right fuckers the paratroopers have landed time to move”
General Herbert Otto “Looks like the Irish and his English pests are moving into the garage, Hans! Radio the Wehrmacht divisions tell them to fortify the garage but also stay on the beach there might be more coming I’m going down into the basement to finish off the prisoners we do not want them escaping”
Soldier Hans “Yes sir! Heil Hitler!” Hans then marches off to the radio room
Soldier Hans “Attention Wehrmacht division thirteen and seventeen move into the garage now! And fortify it this is an order directly from General Herbert Otto! Heil Hitler!“
General Herbert Otto enters the prisoners keep
General Herbert Otto “Oh, Jews oh Jews what are we gonna do with you! Well, I’ll kill skin you and look through your innards!"
German prisoner “Please General Otto let me go I have always been loyal to the Führer!”
General Herbert Otto “You fucking pig begging for your pathetic life! Now I’m going to stab you to death and watch your organs pour out! You traitor!”
General Herbert Otto stabs the prisoner 13 times And grabs the rifle off of a man standing guard And starts walking down the aisle shooting the prisoners until there is none left laughing as he does it.
Paratrooper Kessler Thanks for getting us these uniforms Hicks
Paratrooper Hicks "Thank the American tailors mate well we better get moving to the tavern where the Gestapo majors are and plant the bomb"
They move through the halls coming into the tavern the majors turn to them when they enter
Paratrooper Kessler "Heil Hitler"
Captian Hicks "Heil Hitler
General Herbert Otto "Captains come here!"
Captian Hicks "What is the meaning of this"
General Herbert Otto "Are you questing a man of the inner circle or am I being impolite"
Paratrooper Kessler "No, we apologize General"
they take their seat across from General Herbert Otto
General Herbert Otto "My name is General Herbert Otto but what're your names well where do you Hail from captains"
Captian Hicks "I hail from Frankfurt General"
General Herbert Otto "I would like to see your papers please"
Captian Hicks "Of course here General"
General Herbert Otto "Yes, so you do hail from Frankfurt. Did you know in the area you lived there were two Jewish families you are lucky they accepted you into the SS but with the Wehrmacht having more volunteers we are short on men especially with Germany's demand for soldiers anyway you the deaf one!
Paratrooper Kessler "Uh yes General"
General Herbert Otto "I requested for your papers and since you are a junior rank I expect you to listen and follow my orders so papers, please, or am being too sensitive"
Paratrooper Kessler "No General I was being disobedient I apologize here are my papers, General Otto"
General Herbert Otto "Thank you let's just have a look mmh from Munich I see a beautiful city there were many Jewish families there before Hitler came into power many hid many died. But when you think about it they deserved it they stole job opportunities from the German people when they were weakened by the great war. Now the world is weakened and we conquered half of Russia and established Europe under an iron boot of the Reich however, Adolf wants more unlike the other men in the SS when searching for Jews in a household I do not have to manipulate the fathers into spilling beans ha what an American saying anyway I have enough power to make any man wither into dust because they know if they disobey my management that I will violate their wives and exterminate their children and consume everything they love and embed them in hell I am a demon to these French and Polish peasants. Momentarily my assignment in France and Poland is to round up all the Jews and relocate them to fields for their insensitivity against the German race.
Then walks in Major Klaus Hermann all stand up and throw their hands up in the Nazi salute including Captian Hicks and Paratrooper Kessler except General Herbert Otto
General Herbert Otto "Klaus you are here how was the trip"
Major Klaus Hermann "Oh good very good how have you been Otto"
General Herbert Otto "Oh, you know I get by lots of work in France especially with the Jews!"
Major Klaus Hermann "Ha HAHAHA oh oh HAHAha ha anyway who are these two retards"
General Herbert Otto "Oh some captains I saw coming down here but that is a good question I know this one is from Frankfurt and the deaf one is from Munich but why are you boys here are you traitors or spies!"
The General looks down at the briefcase and widens his eyes when he sees a wire sticking out.
General Herbert Otto "I should be withdrawing now, good day gentlemen"
He walks out of the tavern and walks for a few staircases and enters his office and rings the phone itching his collar while he does it.
General Herbert Otto " The two men at the left table at the back at SS tavern are carrying a briefcase bomb arrest them!"
German Soldier "Yes General!"
Soldiers run out of a door and trample Hicks and Kessler
Captian Hicks "Fucking Nazi shits suck my bratwurst"
Paratrooper Kessler "Damn Nazis! Suck my Jewish cock!"
They take them into the prisoner's keep.
Soldier Hans runs downs the halls and storms into General Herbert Otto's office.
Soldier Hans "What shall we do General Otto the British forces are now in the garage should I alert the Füher and evacuate the high command."
General Herbert Otto "No, no, no that will not be necessary I'm going to meet Füher now and alert him myself but I'm sure everything will be under control don't worry Hans I have a plan."
Hans moves out of the way. Stomps his feet and throws his hand up and shouts.
Soldier Hans "Heil Hitler!"
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2021.12.06 01:31 Lindas2424 Clean and simple winter - holiday card using embossing folder, glaze pen, stickles, and jewel embellishments.

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2021.12.06 01:31 jorjakelly71 Cedar’s Ready for Bed!

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2021.12.06 01:31 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.06 01:31 GenerallyDisliked3 Did a Justice spell and Feel upset

I followed a spell from a different Reddit forum and i even anointed myself in oil on my neck and forehead cleansed my space before and after the energy was just so heavy and still is. And I’m nervous that my spell didn’t work bc it involved burning paper and there was this burnt piece that was still intact that I ripped and put w the rest of the ashes. I’m just hoping it still was able to work bc I was told to try again tomorrow but it was alot for me.. I’m new ish at intense spells.. is it okay that a little piece didn’t burn entirely I tried to put it in fire over and over just didn’t burn
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2021.12.06 01:31 Glittering_Date_1403 16 M want to have a long chat

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2021.12.06 01:31 InternationalForm3 Speak (2004) - Directed by Jessica Sharzer and starring Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Perkins, Richard Hagerman, Steve Zahn, Robert John Burke, Hallee Hirsh and Michael Angarano.

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