looking for manager axie scholarship

Axie Infinity has been wildly popular these days. Its popularity is brought about by the immense possibility to earn money by simply playing the game. For the uninitiated, Axie Infinity is like a team-based Pokemon-inspired card battle mobile game. It was created by Sky Mavis, and co-founded by Trung Nguyen and Aleksander Larsen. Axie Morphing: This command will morph all axies in one or multiple accounts. It will find and morph them automatically. Axie Breeding: This command will breed the axies defined in axie breedings file. It will charge a fee at the end depending on the ammount of axies breed. A “Scholar” in Axie Infinity is a player who receives a free starter team from a scholarship manager and earns in behalf of him/her. If you are an aspiring Axie Infinity player but you don’t want to break the bank for a starter team or don’t have the resources to buy Axies, you can opt to become a scholar. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tanong ko lng mga ka PHC paano kung my 1 axie ako at 1 axie sa kapatid ko pero iisa wifi namin at location hindi ba nababan un? Inshort 2 device, 2 axie, 2 person ,1 wifi, same place..and if ever na busy kapatid ko at ako mag axie like 2 device 2 axie 1 person? Pa help po baka kasi ma ban sya if... Axie, our first product, is a community-driven digital pet game that replaces the abusive traditional gaming model and allows players to earn money while battling, raising, and building a kingdom with their friends. Axie is inspired by classic games you probably grew up playing such as Pokémon, Neopets or Tamagotchi. In a scholarship, there is an agreement where the manager takes a cut of the SLPs farmed by the scholar. You can look for a scholarship in Axie community groups on Reddit, Discord and Facebook ... Block Esports, a startup based in Venezuela that claims to be the first Spanish-speaking Axie Infinity team in LatAm, lends its Axie teams out through a scholarship process.Depending on the player ... Changes: 1.5.3: Fixed search/sort drop-downs 1.5.2: Fix for new Axie URLs 1.5.1: Switched to V2 graphql API and fixed fetching batch axies for ronin addresses. 1.5.0: Major speed up and code clean up. Removed support for old axie site. 1.4.6: More API migration. 1.4.4: Bug fixes/tweaks. Updated to work with Axie Infinity's new API format. Axie Infinity has unveiled a major update that affects players’ ability to earn smooth love potions (SLP), the in-game currency that users exchange for cash. ... Partnership Manager. Advotics.

2021.12.06 02:40 Ashamed-Lie-9833 looking for manager axie scholarship

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2021.12.06 02:40 OkText00 Unable to tap into meditation how I used to. Heartbroken.

All those years previously, gone.
And it just seems that I've lost my way. I cannot get back to where I once was, and it's just not the same now.
I guess the takeaway is just don't fall out of practice. If nothing else, the memories of successful meditation sessions will be with me.
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2021.12.06 02:40 Cthepo [PFF Bet] Daniel “Showtime” Sorensen takes it to the house!

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2021.12.06 02:40 lyds1717 Victim

Hi, I am dealing with a situation with my family. 10 years ago I moved home and at the same time my older sister, her husband & my 1& 3 year old neice lived with us at my parents. I had a bedroom Downstairs who's window faces the front yard/driveway. I was 21 at the time & my sisters husband was 30. He had grabbed me by the arm while I was leaving the house to meet a friend for drinks & started expressing to me that he had feelings, that he would peak through my window curtains & watch me get naked & get off to me, that he constantly waited for me to bend over to look down my shirt & asked me to return the favor. As I drove to meet my friend I proceeded to get texts with details explaining what he wanted from me as well as a picture of his penis. It was one of the worst nights of my life & my family completely swept it under the rug. Because he became a Christian & recieved sex addiction counseling through the church he was immediately forgiven. In fact the let him stay living in the house & I was forced to leave to make them more comfortable. Now 10 years later I have had to move home after a debilitating injury & my sister & her family [incliding her husband] are moving here to. I live in a small private room upstairs but to accommodate them, they want me to move back down to the room I was in 10 years ago that is accessible from the downstairs & has the same window where he had been able to watch me get undressed & get off. My mom repeated has always said over the years and again last night that hes a changed man & that it won't happen again when the live here. She refuses to hear my truma & fears about being back in that room & has always said & still stands by the fact that I was partly to blame. I was only 21 & she said me wearing tank tops or any certain shirts that could have lead to him not bein able to control himself. The truth is he violated me & they never once stood up for me. I just don't know what to do & when I bring it up she tells me it's my fault too that I happened to me
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2021.12.06 02:40 persephoneflowers1 The Doctor In The Basement/Woman Under The Barn

Second story from my great-grandmother’s house:
My lovely great-grandmother had a large set of rules for her house. And usually, my little brother and I followed them perfectly. Usually. We, of course, were kids and sometimes had little regard for rules if they got in the way of good old-fashioned investigating.
These rules were: Never leave your room at night. If you hear someone knocking on your door before sunrise, don't answer it. Don't go into the attic. Don't ask about the basement crawlspace. Don't go into the barn. Don't play in the field by the shed. And especially DON'T go into the basement. Period.
Like, even asking about the basement itself got us on thin ice. She made the rule about the crawlspace after my little brother Colin had heard some scary stories from school friends that ghosts lived in our basement and crawlspace. We were told to disregard most stories about the house.
One weekend in winter my great-grandmother had to go out of town for a funeral, so one of our great-aunts came to watch us. This winter I'd just turned 10 and Colin was 7. And while I love great-aunt Linda, she falls asleep at 7:00 PM. Which meant that Colin and I could mess around as much as we wanted to. And that night we chose to explore the basement.
My brother and I, in typical kid-going-on-an-adventure fashion, hooked flashlights into our belt loops (little did we know how important this would be later on). We put on the shoes we use for playing outside and eased open the basement door.
The steps leading downwards were made of limestone and were dusty and covered in cobwebs. It smelled so musty down there. Anytime I smell anything musty nowadays, I'm immediately brought back to that stairwell. It descended into the darkness of the basement. Colin pointed upwards at the ceiling, indicating a hanging pullstring for a lightbulb. I stood on my toes and pulled it, a big lightbulb illuminating the staircase and the basement floor at the bottom.
Being the great older sister I am, I went down first. Colin gripped my hand as tightly as he could, and I held on right back. When we reached the bottom of the staircase and stood on the cold, packed dirt floor, we decided to unhook the flashlights from our belts and turn them on.
The yellow beams of our old flashlights lit up the basement in circles: we saw boxes, old bicycle parts, and a large tool rack. Colin and I, still holding hands, began creeping around the giant room. As we went, I realized the basement was larger than the first floor of the house, columns of bricks here and there, random free-standing shelves scattered about, various old things just thrown on them.
Colin and I turned left and found ourselves standing in a strange scene.
Before us was what looked like an old dentist's chair - at least, that's what I thought it looked like at the time. It was a decrepit old operating chair, a probably once-shiny table next to it. The metal was corroded and rusty. The table next to the chair held neatly organized tools, and two tables flush with the walls behind them held strange containers of every size.
Colin and I looked at each other, silently agreeing that we were going to check it out.
We crept closer, shining our yellow lights over the tools. They were all corroded and gross. A large scalpel and a giant drill sat casually on the table. Next to it was a rusty icepick, a small hammer completing the disgusting set.
Colin and I made our way over to the tables, scanning our flashlights at the containers. A group of giant mason jars caught our attention - they seemed to be preserving something. We noticed strange shapes floating in the murky liquid. Colin told me to shine my light right up to the glass, so I did.
I remember almost dropping the jar. Inside floated a baby. A small baby. The glass was coated with grime both inside and out, and I felt dirty from more than just the grime on my hands. Colin, being the brave kid he always was, shone his flashlight up to another jar, discovering the same thing. Hearts in our throats, we diligently checked all the jars there.
We found six babies in total.
I told Colin I was over that, and either wanted to go back upstairs or move on. He agreed with me.
Colin and I weren't strangers to the unusual or the creepy. We'd broken loads of my great-grandmother's rules and this was just one more thing to add to the laundry list of things that would eventually mess us up later in life.
The two of us eventually found ourselves standing in front of the basement crawlspace. When Colin looked at me, I saw that glint in his eyes. He was itching to get in there and see what was going on.
About three feet tall at best and three feet wide, the crawlspace was a black hole. Our lights showed that it sloped downwards, going into some mysterious underground room. He and I didn't even need to discuss it. We were going down there.
It was wide enough for us to crawl side-by-side. I don't think we would've gone if we hadn't been able to crawl like that. Colin, being seven, stuck the handle of his flashlight down his pants, the beam pointing straight out in front of us. I laughed and tried myself, but couldn't get it. I settled with using my hair tie to rig it pointing forward in my belt loop.
The packed dirt under us quickly coated all of our exposed skin. I knew that I'd have to take a long shower after that. We crawled for maybe ten minutes, following the downwards slope. Eventually, it opened up, depositing us on the floor of a dark room.
Colin and I stood, brushing ourselves off. He first shone his flashlight directly to the left of us - a series of ladder rungs were embedded in the limestone, a hatch in the ceiling above it. I sighed in relief - there was an easy escape route if we needed it.
I shone my flashlight around the room and felt my blood turn cold.
A long chain was bolted into the wall, the other end a manacle wrapped around someone's ankle. Even from there, I knew it was a spirit. The room also contained an iron door leading somewhere else, a bloody mattress, a table gouged with innumerable scratch marks, a tattered, bloody blanket, and a skeleton gathering dust.
Colin inhaled sharply and the chain rattled as the spirit got to its knees and turned to face us.
She wasn't related to us - she had lank blonde hair and a button nose. Even in her spirit form, her dress hung off her malnourished frame as a sheet hangs from a clothesline. Her eyes were sunken and hollow. It looked like her face was muddy.
The girl began crawling towards us. As she got closer, I realized that that wasn't mud on her face; it was blood. Her hair was matted with it, it stained her dress, and her fingers were bent at all the wrong angles. Colin began racing up the ladder and I followed suit.
We heard the chain rattle as she started to follow us up, but we closed the hatch just in time. We found ourselves standing in the barn, the cool winter air making us shiver.
Colin and I trudged back to the house and cleaned ourselves up before going to sleep. When we were older we went back, but that's a story for another day.
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2021.12.06 02:40 itz_Nicholaaas Rear Axle replacement

I have to replace my rear axles on my brz and was wondering if i should go OEM or get replacements from o'Reillys/autozone/napa oem is pretty pricey and im mostly wondering if its that big of a difference since im at stock power
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2021.12.06 02:40 The_Korean_Gamer Somebody needs to add the second PF conversations with Poe and Cashew to the wiki

I can't do it myself, due to the fact that I don't have all of the dialogue, Uncut, or editing knowledge.
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2021.12.06 02:40 Juancarlos095 Taylor Phone & Tablet Repair

Get fast, friendly service from our certified experts. Most phones can be repaired while you wait. iPhone repair Southgate, MI. Call 734-288-0998…Website - https://www.metrodetroitphonerepair.com/iphone-repair-taylor-michigan/
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2021.12.06 02:40 erinna_sappho [HIRE ME] For Premium Academic Writing and Assistance with Class Assignments. I Offer Unrivaled Quality and Reliable Homework Help with Quick Turnaround Time. I Guarantee 100% of Your Money Back in case of Unsatisfactory Services.

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2021.12.06 02:40 Luciano0o The GREAT Bread Wars

A Video about a war over Bread my friends had https://youtu.be/KhtZTeohkl0
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2021.12.06 02:40 ramonsoule Speed painting of the comic book character "The Eternaut"

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2021.12.06 02:40 Standard_Look_281 Why am I able to vibrate my hands and arms on command by flexing, I’ve been able to do this since I can remember.

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2021.12.06 02:40 Lemoncitrus69 W H E R E S U S M E M E R E V I E W !1!!1

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2021.12.06 02:40 Doggy253 Just hit 300,000,000 almost half a billy!!

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2021.12.06 02:40 rhernhdz12 Cheaper Polymorph? Handbuff Synergy? AND Big Paladin Synergy? This spell does it all!

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2021.12.06 02:40 Impossible_Ad_8800 Mobile App Retargeting Strategy: How to Level Up Your App Promotion Performance

Mobile App Retargeting Strategy: How to Level Up Your App Promotion Performance The use of mobile devices and apps is increasing every year, making mobile marketing strategies a more important priority than ever for digital marketers. As of 2018, global mobile app revenue exceeded $365 billion. By 2023, mobile apps will generate more than $935 billion in revenue through paid downloads and in-app advertising. To tap into the potential of this market, companies need to add mobile-specific advertising strategies to their annual marketing plans. Here, we share some of the best mobile app retargeting best practices to help you get accurate results faster.
What is mobile app retargeting? Also known as remarketing, mobile app retargeting is a popular marketing and advertising strategy that helps businesses stay visible to people who have shown some interest in them. Whether they've visited their website or used their app, retargeting is an effective way to re-engage lost users and gain new ones.
Retargeting allows app marketers to expand their user base by promoting new apps to users of existing or old apps. This can be done by finding users who are similar to your existing active users and then targeting those similar audiences. Instead of blindly searching for users, you can spend your budget on acquiring users that are most similar to your high LTV users. This helps improve your return on ad spend (ROAS) for mobile app marketing.
What are the benefits of mobile app retargeting Cost-effectiveness As you can see from the statistics above, retargeting ads have a higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to other ads. In addition, in competitive industries such as health, finance, IT, e-commerce and commerce, retargeting ads cost 2 to 100 times less per click than typical search ads.
The cost of displaying retargeting ads is lower than creating ads for people who are seeing the same ads for the first time. According to Branding Strategy Insider, "It costs 6-7 times more to acquire new users than to retain existing ones." In addition, they generate more revenue than general advertising. 9% of brands allocate a separate, special budget for their retargeting efforts.
More sales Typically, 21% of users stop using an app after installation. The average mobile user has more than 100 apps on their phone - a fact that makes them highly competitive for time, money and attention. Unlike traditional CPI-focused campaigns, retargeting focuses on the (re)engagement of high-value users. When it works well, this approach is very effective - apps running retargeting campaigns have 130% higher paid user rates.
Retargeting is also a way to retain users. According to Investp, existing users are 60% more likely to try new products and 31% more likely to spend money compared to new users. In addition, according to Spiralytics, the average click-through rate (CTR) for display ads is 0.07%, while the average click-through rate for retargeting ads is about 0.7%.
Better conversions When it comes to conversions, retargeting has significantly higher conversion rates than the initial marketing message. The evidence shows that mobile targeting works. According to DigiDay, some companies are seeing conversion rates of 50-60% with retargeting. These higher conversion rates for retargeting messages contribute to better ROI and more efficient use of ad spend.
While the practice of retargeting has multi-platform advantages, its benefits are most evident on mobile devices, as retargeting ads have been shown to be 13 times more efficient than on desktop. The majority (71%) of mobile commerce sales are made within the app, where users are able to navigate and convert at a much higher rate than on the mobile web. Retargeting encourages direct action, which for eCommerce apps translates into increased purchases and revenue.
  • Across all verticals, the average growth in remarketing conversion share from 2018 to 2020 is 14%. However, it is worth noting the growth in Europe, with a 22% increase in conversion share in 2020 compared to 2018.
  • The financial vertical has seen significant year-on-year conversion growth of more than 50% - this is particularly interesting as the number of apps running remarketing campaigns is virtually unchanged (4% growth in 2018 compared to 2020), meaning that apps using remarketing are doing more year-on-year.
  • Shopping apps are the real stars of remarketing, with the highest growth rate across the board and a share of remarketing conversions up by more than 30%.
  • The number of remarketing conversions for gaming apps is 250% lower than for shopping apps. The reality is that only a small percentage of gaming apps run remarketing. Given the dramatic growth in revenue for gaming apps that do remarketing, they are clearly missing a significant opportunity.
Engage more with your app According to Localytics, 21% of mobile users abandon an app after one use. In addition, 71% of app users will churn within 90 days.
With more than 2.87 million apps on the Google PlayStore and 2 million apps on the App Store, the app marketplace is highly competitive. Retargeting ads by including updates, special offers and new features will give people a reason to continue using your app over other apps that offer the same service.
Best practices for mobile app retargeting The idea of retargeting mobile ads is not new - many brands have been using it for a long time, and in that time, many best and worst practices for mobile retargeting have been defined. To get the best results and make your campaign a success, follow these steps.
Define your goals This first step is usually the most important one. The more precise your vision for your app retargeting campaign, the more specific the further concrete steps you will take, which are key to achieving the best results. So, take some time to think about what the main goals of your app remarketing campaign are.
Do you want to increase brand awareness? Then, in this case, you should focus on emphasizing your brand, making people aware of it, piquing their interest in visiting your app or website, and making them remember that.
On the contrary, if your main goal is to get conversions, then your main audience is people who are already aware of your services. This requires a different strategy in order for your campaign to be more targeted. At this stage, you may want to include links to specific services, suggest free trials, or highlight products of interest to someone.
These details are important, so setting goals is a key element in defining your mobile retargeting approach.
Understand your audience and personalize promotions Another important thing to know about mobile app retargeting is to know your audience. Personalized offers delivered at the right time and on the right platform work better than generic ads.
Knowing your users is critical - knowing which platforms they use, what they're looking for, how they use your app, etc. - all of this information provides a great opportunity to offer personalized promotions. After collecting this data, you can direct people to specific links within your app and remind them about your offerings using a cross-channel approach.
This approach has been used extensively over the past few years and has yielded great results. For example, a recent study showed that targeted campaigns have an 18% retention advantage over their broader counterparts.
These numbers prove that personalization is a great way to build a strong relationship with your users because it ensures that your app will not be abandoned. So don't miss this opportunity to make the most of your app remarketing campaign - personalize it.
Use audience segmentation Once you know your targets and users, you can segment your audience and build retargeting scenarios for each group.
Mobile retargeting works for almost any service you can purchase: travel, food, transportation, e-commerce, gaming, lifestyle, dating, and more. There are many scenarios and ways for users to come back to mobile apps, and many ways to segment them.
Here are some examples of specific segmented audience groups grouped by behavior.
  • Those looking for items but not adding anything to the shopping basket.
  • Those who have added items to the shopping basket but have not purchased them.
  • Those who bought something recently and where your goal is to sell more.
  • Those who bought something earlier but later lost interest.
Now let's look at the most popular user return scenarios.
  • Offering special deals, such as discounts on the next order or bundled items.
  • Introducing new features in the app and informing about new ways to use the app.
  • Displaying banners with products that the user has already searched for or complementary products.
  • Reminders of forgotten items in the basket and many other items.
Users can also be segmented by time windows, such as how often you want them to see ads or how much time has passed since their last visit. This may depend on the type of product - for example, those buying travel should be targeted earlier than those interested in luxury items. It is also important to re-engage new users after installing the app, as they tend to return more after this type of app retargeting. Finally, location and time zone are also important details to consider in order to deliver retargeting ads at the right time.
The success of any retargeting campaign depends on the correct segmentation of the audience, which depends heavily on the topic and type of business. Therefore, before starting a campaign, select your audience segments and develop key return scenarios.
Ad capping and burn codes High frequency advertising is not always cause for celebration. When it comes to retargeting, it's a bit counterintuitive, and often "less is more". When potential buyers see ads too often, it can have a negative impact on their emotions as the product "chases" them around the web. Like push notifications, if users see ads too often, they will report finding them "annoying," "intrusive," or worse, "creepy. Again, like push notifications, they can have a dramatic effect when implemented with optimal frequency.
It can be even more annoying for users to receive ads about something they have already purchased. To avoid this, you may want to consider using a burn code that removes users from a retargeting list after they have purchased an item, or moves them to another list with a new mobile retargeting campaign.
Measure your results When talking about the success of a campaign, it's important to have numbers in order to compare which ideas are most effective. To get those numbers, users should consistently measure retention, installs, and revenue. Other values that may be of particular interest for app retargeting are reattribution (number of people who reinstalled the app) and re-engagement (number of people who used the app after the campaign ended). These metrics can help you estimate which campaigns work better and maximize returns.
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2021.12.06 02:40 Responsible_Title_81 Trying to make a car game for Quest

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2021.12.06 02:40 harmonicssnob Where should I learn from if I am only interested in listening japanese?

Music and dramas specifically.
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2021.12.06 02:40 aido4l6 Another small auto. Sour diesel freebie from seedsman

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2021.12.06 02:40 Shipwreck_of_Trees My Employer-Locked-Us-In Story

Back in the early oughts I was working closing shifts at Old Navy. Shift was supposed to get done at 11pm, but management regularly short staffed, then pulled the old "you can work until we're done resetting the store and get paid, or you can clock out and wait for everyone to finish before we'll unlock the doors." It was nearly 1am one night, I'd been working since 1pm, and I was DONE. Told my manager I was clocking out and leaving, and if she didn't unlock the doors right there and then I would call the police and tell them I was being held against my will. Worked like a charm. They never pulled that shit again.
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2021.12.06 02:40 FHStudios [Seiko 5] Where to find black/white non-diver dial with rose gold indices?

Hi all! I'm wondering where we can find dials with rose gold indices, that aren't diver style dials? Something like an explorer or datejust style dial?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 02:40 jerusalemg Armed Raids in Northwest Ethiopia Fill Camps With Displaced

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2021.12.06 02:40 minnowleap I ate this yummy beastly cake

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