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I've been using Mid Maradona for the past few days and he's been great to play with! Blistering pace, great control, great dribbling, and decent shooting.
But I keep seeing how great Cruyff is and really want to know if it's worth selling my Maradona and trying out Cruyff?
Also, for anyone who has tried him, would Cruyff be better as a CAM or as a ST?
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Hey guys and gals!
I'm Alexis, or Lexi. 29 years old living in New Jersey but originally from Texas. Not really sure what to write up on here so here's a few fast facts about me
Favorite show: Friends
Favorite sport: Baseball
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite color: Teal/Aqua
Favorite candy: Skittles
Favorite cuisine: Mexican
Favorite site to go on when I'm bored: Reddit
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is there a way i can get a new pro pack ?
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It’s really annoying getting that notification with the persistent sound. If you really want me to accept, give me orders over $7. I was wondering if anyone else had Uber notifications silenced.
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Just accidentally delete my progress like a fucking idiot for the second time. I have all the trophies on PS4 since the very first save and I was wondering if I could somehow get progress back from those?
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Hello guys, my name is actually 'Davi' but you can call me whatever you want; i'm a male brazilian 15yr, please to meet you all! So, i lost my dad for a few days already, he died because of cancer, in the 29th of november this year. I was just so sad and i don't want to speak about it with my mother by now because she's devastated and it is way to soon. After thinking for some minutes, i figured out that i could ask on this subreddit for some advices and maybe some comfort words.
Sorry for any english mistakes btw
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2021.12.06 02:03 SCHNiiiiKEN Silicon and SSB Battery Announcements - Microvast ($MVST) Presentation, Dr Wenjun Mattis CTO Microvast November 25th Transcript - New Pack, Module and Cell Technology & Safety Testing

As you can see in the transcript and slides below Microvast has released a significant amount of new information on upcoming products (Silicon and Solid State Batteries for example).
We know that also in the Q3 earnings call, CEO Wu told us that two new products will be announced in Q1, but this is a lot more information on those released for the first time.
This presentation below is updates from a IRSEC (International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference) where the Chief Technology Officer Dr,. Wenjuan Mattis presented a wealth of new information.
I'll leave it all here for you in the detail below, but for some of you that don't want to read and look at the detail that I put together in order to share this with you, here are five of the top things:

  1. Two New Batteries in Q1 2022 Microvast is launching two new batteries starting in Q1 (as per CEO Wu on last quarterly call), and they will be released by the next earnings call. In the presentation from Mattis talked about two key upcoming batteries, the one that would be launched nearest term, was a Silicon based battery, and she talks about this extensively and in the Q&A goes into some pretty scientific big brain things, which sound crazy to me. The battery being launched in Q1 2021 is also shown on several slides, and this battery is the one that won them the R&D 100 award, and it will have silicon carbon components, the polyaramid separator, the full concentration gradient cathode, the non-flammable electrolytes with 30% higher energy density then the competition.
  2. Solid State Battery Development and Plans SSB - Microvast through this presentation really embellished their plans and development of a Solid State Battery, Lithium Metal Battery, and that this has been a project since 2015 of Microvast, they have 12 patents in this area, and that they are working with Dr Amine of Argonne National Labs on this as well.
  3. Competitive Benchmarking Even the existing batteries since 2019 NMC 2 beats out competition greatly - one slide with side to side comparison of the new battery to the leading EV battery right now, and we are talking 20% greater range (370 miles vs 300), 3X faster charging (12 minutes vs 30 mins), 3X lifespan (3,000 cycles vs 1,000 cycles, and 4X lifetime mileage (1 million miles vs 270K)
  4. 100% Polyaramid Separator Only Microvast has the knowhow and patents to make this, it is made of the same stuff that bullet proof vests are, and its one of the key components that make Microvast batteries safety unparamount. Dr Wenjuan explains this in great detail throughout the presentation with third party accredited testing laid out in explicit detail in several slides (including one with pictures of the cells burning). They also developed a non-flammable electrolyte that will not burn in its liquid or gas state.
  5. Global Innovation Center (R&D Facility Just announced in Orlando, FL) Their newly announced Global Innovation Center in Orlando FL, an R&D Facility, they will have eight acres 75,000 square feet, over 250 parking spots and over 100 offices. They already have over 550 patents, and are working in many great areas from the component to the cell to the module to the pack level (They are fully vertically integrated so can control all levels of the battery, and how they interact with eachother and use AI simulations which they show in one slide, and live testing). Dr Wenjuan invites attendees to come check out the facility so they can discuss the electrification of the world.
Here is the full transcript and all the slides (which have extensive new and detailed information themselves). There is a lot here, but some real gold for people who want to dig since much of this is all new information.
Host of Event 00:00
Almost 40 minutes if you want to, to start.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 00:03
(Pre-slide introduction Wenjuan) You're welcome. Yeah, let me just can just start screen sharing. Also Dr amine you you may need to. Okay good thinking

Dr Wenjuan Mattis 00:20
(Slide 1 - title slide)
everyone see my screen at the full screen mode? We can see it. Yes. All right, good. Hey, good morning. Good afternoon everyone, Wenjuan here, I have been working on the development of lithium ion battery technology for over 16 years. I hold 22 papers 81 patents, at Microvast I'm responsible for the development of battery materials, cells module and pack from r&d to production.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 01:04
(Slide 2 - Microvast at a glance)
Thank you, (Dr. Amin) for your introduction and giving me the opportunity to speak at IRSEC 21. It's my great pleasure to talk today about Microvast. And how we work to enable is a competent high energy electric vehicle batteries and mitigate it to safety. Before we proceed, I'd like to ask you *please refrain from using or posting any information share today without our permission*. Firstly, to the glance of the company microvast was founded in 2006 in Houston, Texas, we dedicated in developing battery technology for electric vehicles has been working on this for over 15 years. And we follow the market establish the r&d production and the business started in China and was then extended into Europe and now in United States. Today, our batteries are integrated in more than 28,000 vehicles that is running in 160 cities, over 19 countries and with those electric vehicles. Altogether, they have traveled over 3.8 billion miles in the last 10 years. Earlier this year, we raised about $820 million dollars and went public on NASDAQ this year, on July the 26th. Microvast is a fully vertically integrated - meaning that we design develop and manufacture a complete battery system starting with battery materials, cells, module and pack including the battery management system, thermal control, high voltage charging box and *also the charging station*. We will discuss more in details later.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 03:10
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 03:10
(Slide 3 - Development of Advanced)
The three underlining battery features Microvast invented the 15 years ago, were fast charging to ensure the mobility, long life maximize the total cost of ownership and the design for safety from the start, given the critical demand for high energy density. those features are foundational to the innovative technologies and the products that we're delivering to the market.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 03:45
(Slide 4 - Established Global Presence)
Here I'd like to give you a snapshot of our geographic footprint today. We are headquartered in Houston, Texas, and have established the factory in Cujo since 2011. We have a three gigawatt hour from the cells to pack production in Cujo totally have about 1.7 million square feet of the production line, including the cathode, the electrolytes, anode, and the separator production. And we established the module pack production facility in Berlin, Germany, and the whole building can hold about six gigawatt hour. Currently we commissioned the to supplying the Europe right now. And earlier this year, we have acquired this existing facility in Clarksville, Tennessee, which is about 45 minutes northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. Here we have 85 acres and over 577,000 square feet of existing building that is being converted into a cell to pack a production line holds the floor for about a 4 gw hour. The Dr. Amin in the beginning of the in the meeting introduced the Microvast as one of the largest cell producer in the United States. This statement is accurate, being an American company building a four gigawatt hour cell to pack line, making microvast the largest US a battery suppliers in the States.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 05:29
(Slide 5 - US Tech Center Orlando)
And so this was announced publicly, we purchased another existing facility in Orlando, Florida, this will be established as the Global Innovation Center for Microvast. So totally, we have about eight acres 75,000 square feet, over 250 parking spots and over 100 offices and 25,000 square feet of this large working space workshop space that we will establish of from materials to pack development in the States as well. We plan to hire about 150 Researchers yet so this is coming into the city and by the four in the interstate four and very welcome for the attendees of the meetings today come to visit to Microvast we communicate, discuss about the newest technology how to make the high energy density cells and safer cells for the electrification of the world. Not only in commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, but also in the stationary energy storage, including our consumer electronics.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 06:49
(Slide 6 - Complete Battery Solutions)
- Yeah, so on this page that demonstrates the showing cases for the vehicles and the energy storage that Microvast has delivered to the world. *What's special about this page is in **every single** of this picture, there are Microvast batteries, we took some of these pictures.* So, those are examples of the 28,000 EVs that the Microvast has been powering, including 1000 Red double decker and all of the heavy duty AGVs in the Port of Singapore, that that are moving heavy containers. We are also supplying passenger vehicles for *SAIC* Shanghai motor, the largest OEM in China and Microvast makes the full concentration gradient cathode material has successfully scaled it up to 600 pounds per year to the rate exercise of 20,000 meters and this material can supply for the passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles including the consumer electronics and the Aramid Separator created and industrialized by Microvast is a great choice for the consumer electronics separator since its thinner than the current separator in the battery that we use in the cell phone and can offer outstanding safety. So we will talk about that later in my slides.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 08:35
(Slide 7 - Microvast Has Best In Class Battery Cell Tech)
- So this slide demonstrates a comparison of our products with our peers, the largest ones in the world. We are uniquely positioned in focusing on the commercial vehicle space where most of our major peers are passenger vehicle focused. Why do we focus on commercial vehicle because of its earlier EV adoption, a broader range of use cases, more stringent performance requirements. The redundancy due to use under the harsher conditions, such as the passenger vehicles operates a couple of hours per day. Well commercial vehicles need to operate eight to 24 hours per day. Therefore, commercial vehicle batteries need to double to quadruple passenger vehicle battery cycle life and to offer faster charging and higher power capabilities. The total cost of ownership is calculated over longer lives so that heightened the customers focus on performance. The technology for commercial vehicle is more difficult, but more profitable. By the way, the commercial vehicle market is massive. So The CV is our prioritized choice with our current capacity. And as a matter of fact I mentioned earlier we are supplying for the passenger vehicles.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 10:13
Microvast offers all the major chemistries on the lithium ion battery markets, including NMC *SP, LTO. the products on the top three rows that have been in the production as early as 10 years ago. And each of them outperforms their peers. Those are third party tested and market validated both through the customer wins and extends a real world deployment experience. *The last row is the next generation battery product to come.* With this product, we won the R&D 100 award together with *Dr. Amines* team. This technology has been validated by Argonne National Lab, it can offer 30% higher energy density comparing with the current passenger vehicle technology and the still yet can offer fast charging long cycle life capabilities. So the components as a key to enable this cell product, which we did use higher than 90% nickel for the material with the full concentration distribution, and also with the aramid separator, non flammable electrolytes and also carefully designed the silicon carbon components that is patented by Argonne National Lab. So those technology won us this r&d 100 award and to draw the attention from the several prestigious OEMs in Europe. Currently, these are being tested in their factory. **We have more products in the pipeline, such as the *solid state battery, lithium metal battery* that can reach a higher than 1000 Watt hour per liter energy density, and also 80 degrees Celsius high temperature cells, which is a highly appreciated by a high end BV company for a sports car application. **
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 12:29
(Slide 8 - Microvast High Performance Technology)
The next page, like to put these things in perspective, what kind of BV performance can we create with our products. On the right, it listed a general spec of a high end BEV in the market. But if we replace the battery, with Microvast high energy density product that has been in the production since 2019, the NMC-2 that we listed on this page, then this whole car can be fully charged within 30 minutes. And with one full charge, our battery can offer 20% more mileage, and roughly three times of a cycle life with those are parameters together, that can lead to about 1 million miles of lifetime of throughput. This is a cycle four times of a regular EV. But of course we don't need one million miles for a passenger vehicle not yet. *But that is exactly my point.* Our batteries are made for more demanding applications and the passenger vehicle commodity batteries cannot meet the lifetime requirements of our commercial vehicle then it would need the multiple replacements that can greatly damage the total cost of ownership.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 13:56
(Slide 9 - Microvast Tech Powered by IP)
By immediate question may rise, How could you do it? I would like to summarize our technology success into those three columns. Microvast has the broadest the chemistry, probability of the manipulation all the way into the material level and a whole spectrum of the cell products which have been verified and the benchmarks that are highly differentiating from the end user to the chemistry, we have this complete approach the full customization that can lead to the faster development cycle, higher efficiency and the cheaper development cost at the meantime with a better quality guarantee. And now let's discuss each column in detail. The heart of a BV is a battery pack and all the energy in the battery pack are from the cells. Well, the performance of the cells, fundamentally, depending on battery materials, to build the best highest performance battery, that's what driven Microvast into this vertical integration, just like Apple building microprocessors. Microvast has over one decades of designing and manufacturing expertise in battery components, from the cathode, anode to separator to electrolytes. We gain an intimate knowledge of how those components would interact with each other and their specific conditions. And this differentiates us from the most of the battery makers who sourced their components from the vendors. But the people may ask well, other battery makers can also make the materials. *But it's important to note that the cell makers do not have the right to produce the materials, they did not invent or have the license for.* Well Microvast has invented or licensed the manufactured all of those four key battery materials ensure the unique performance in the cells and that can further lead into the module and the pack product. And with this material technology that can ensure our leading time because the material patents are the strongest patents that are legally protected for *decades*. Our success is founded in our deep technology portfolio, which is fully owned and protected by over 550 patents and the 1000s of know hows within the company.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 17:03
Amongst all the battery materials Microvast makes two products that stands out that no one else has in the world, the 100% polyaramid separator and the full concentration grade in the cathode material that I will talk about one by one, the carbon two separator in the markets are mostly made of polyethylene polypropylene, the same material as plastic bags or plastic bottles. Microvast manufacturers one of a kind - the high temperature 100% polyaramid separator that is based on the same material as bulletproof vest. This material has outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical, and electro chemical stabilities. Polyaramid itself is intrinsically non-flammable, it also does not melt it does not dissolve in any solvent. *That wouldn't make it extremely difficult to process. But yet Microvast made it into a 10 micrometer thick, several meters wide 1000s of meter long industrial separator products that increase the shrinkage temperature of the PE PP separator from around 150 degrees C to 300 degrees Celsius, that's nearly 600 Fahrenheit*. But why do we choose the 300 degrees C as the goal as we know the cathode materials, particularly as a high energy density cells is a high nickel and MC which in the fully charged state that's the most unstable most unsafe state, they will start to decompose around the 200 to 230 degrees C and the separator it's only perforates only go into separate the cathode from the anode. But if the separator shrink before the batteries being disabled, then the massive internal shortage could happen and several accidents have happened due to that such as the 787 the recent explosion of the stationary energy storage in Beijing China and also suspected to be as a recall a root cause of the GM battery and also the Note Seven. Well we when we have the separator designed we wanted a separator to over last the cathode material if it can hold about 300 degrees C. So the cathode the material would start to decompose and the separator holding its *portrayed* and After most of the electrical energy has been released by the chemical energy, the thermal energy, the separator would now be finished at his task of the preventing the massive shortage. And beyond that, the we also have the thermal control the BMS in place to have the whole system have the redundancy of a safety design, so that we also will briefly mentioned later on. But while the temperature rises, the cell could, the electrolytes, it would evaporate, the internal pressure in the cells would increase, the cells could break open. And if at the time, the flammable gas rushed out of the cells, meeting the high temperature high voltage, that could cause explosion. Therefore, that's why we designed this nonflammable electrolytes itself can stay nonflammable in its liquid phase, including the gas phase. So with this design, we aim to increase the safety margin. But still yet it does not solve all the problems because of it's a decomposed product. Well, at this high temperature high voltage reaction, the product could still be flammable. Our goal is to increase its safety margin, the same reason for the aramid the separator and the full concentration gradient cathode material.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 21:36
So another product Microvast produces this are this FCT cathode. So this Cathode material offers all the energy in the lithium ion battery, and also takes more than 50% of the cost in the battery. So Microvast is the only one in the world who can produce FCT Cathode material in the industrial scale. In this illustration, the FCT material differentiates from all the other homogeneous cathode material in the markets. This technology allows us to be specific about the distribution of the transition metal elements, so that we can maximize the energy contained in the particle with the high safety and to the lowest the cobalt accountant minimize the risk and minimize the cost. *The FCT material we produce can offer 20% higher capacity than what's available in the markets, and yet stays at 10% lower in cost because we minimize the cobalt content. So this material is also validated by Argonne National Lab. And we have won the low cost the fast charging USABC project with this material as well. * So in the second column, we have this whole spectrum of the cell products that allows Microvast to to access the application of all industry. The broadness makes us less vulnerable to the commercial success of a single technology. So I mentioned about the LFP supplying to SAIC. So in this project, we actually competed with the CATL, the largest battery maker in the world. And we won this project by performance, and also demonstrates that Microvast has the quality control in our mass production line meeting for the most stringent automobile standards. So last but not least, we have the internal builds the vertical integration from r&d to production. So with the vertical integration, that can confer significant competitive advantages to shorten the product development cycle to win the race in tech evolution, by eliminating the need to communicate with with vendors. And that can minimize the cost. Ensure the quality control from the materials to the end product from r&d to mass production, and we can customize the solution to the client's needs. That helps us to build a higher bar to competitors. Because of the material development over decades. It also gave us the flexibility to work seamlessly with any customer. We can offer at the whole power solution level, at the pack level, module level, cell level and *in the future in the components level*.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 22:06
(Slide 10 - Simulation Studies)
another important feature of Microvast innovation and product design is the extensive simulation efforts. That helps to to optimize the battery system, and the predictors of potential issues in the computer before encountering the issues in physical devices.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 25:09
(Slide 11 - MVs gradient cathode, aramid separator and proprietary electrolyte)
Yet, so during the fundraising, our investor hired a prestigious third party to do the technical assessment on Microvast - here are their conclusions.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 25:40
We talked about several components in the previous page that enables the high energy density, high safety, fast charging products, each are the gradient cathode material, so 100% polyaramid separator, and to the non-flammable electrolytes, and their contribution on the cell energy density, the charging rates, cycle life, and the safety summarize by the third party as below. So the black bar showing the industrial leader and the dark blue are amongst the best in class. So the cathode material in their evaluation, for all those four aspects are amongst the best in the class. And the nonflammable electrolytes, its most advantage is in safety. It's an it's an industry leader. And as for Aramid separator, so it only contains less then 1% of the weights in the cells. And so that's not to change the cell energy density much and will not affect the cycle life much. But its contribution is still mostly in the safety, which is crucial for all the applications.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 26:58
(Slide 12 - On a cell level)
On a cell level, MV products Yeah, so the this also coming from the third party to the cell level, oh, every company has published their roadmap, and the compared with the largest the best in the field Microvast products that are leading in both of the volumetric energy density and the gravimetric energy density.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 27:57
(Slide 13 - Tech Longer op life and increased safety)
And comparing the performance, we briefly touched in the comparison, and also the means of market applications. And here are two of our products to compare with the leading performer and the standard performer. So as noted here, the leading performer data coming from the LG battery, and the standard performer and coming from the China EV cell maker, and most of the cycle life is ran from zero to 80% SOC. So that's what's coming from the third party database, comparing what's in the market. So that's also that's Microvast product that has been deployed to the market. So that's a fair comparison apples to apples. And as for the energy density, our HnCO, that's that's an NMC-2 is leading the energy density and still yet it can do the fast charging and for a lower energy density product, it can run three C cycling between zero to 100% SOC for over 8000 cycles. So, considering this case, in commercial vehicle, even if we charge twice or three times a day, this battery can last 15 to 20 years. And as for the safety both of this product is way beyond the leading performance
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 28:59
(Slide 14 - Competitive Benchmarking)
and the for the future technology, we proposed such as the *solid state battery*, ***the close one would be the silicon containing product that we are in the would have been in the *SOP phase* in the next two years and also would keep improving the energy density by using lithium metal as anode. We're also working on this project with **Dr Amins team** together and also developing the the **solid state battery that has been a project in Microvast Since 2015, we have over 12 patents in this area** and also with a high temperature operating cells so more are being developed with the future technology.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 29:51
We are at the frontier of the innovations
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 29:54
(Slide 15 - With its current product portfolio)
so the comparing with competitors as the the timescale of the roadmap have proposed, that's where my Kovacs is standing.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 30:08
(Slide 16 - Product Development Platform)
So, as I mentioned, we internally have the vertical integration from the cells all the way to the final products
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 30:17
(Slide 17 - On a Pack Level)
that help Microvast to gain the advantage in development time and also a thoroughly
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 30:28
in control BMS, because the BMS needed to understand how the cell would perform at a different Soh SOC, different temperature, different power requirements, power requirements and we have developed from the cells, our R&D has been going through the intensive testing for over 3-4 years before its getting into the mass production and how to apply that in the module, the optimal thermal control the pressure to be added the pack design, so that's all in this the vertical integration designing and the BMS have the intelligent control and we also have that in the digital twin that it can run a simulated virtual vehicle out of the cloud, well, on the road, you have this actual the vehicle operating and you can always comparing the predicted and the tested can send out early warnings. So that again, as the advantage gains a pack level, so, we are winning in both the volumetric and gravimetric energy density as well.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 31:45
(Slide 18 - MV Batteries Best in Class Charging Speed)
So comparing the charging speed thats what Microvast is leading by far so that would offer more mobility to all kinds of applications and even the stationary energy storage wouldn't require such as the wind storage that would require a fast charging occasionally and that can also accommodate to this application.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 32:13
(Slide 19 - Mutilayer Safety Measure)
Yeah, so, the Microvast safety design as I mentioned, so, first of all, that has demonstrated good safety performance for the last 10-11 years. And we have a multi layer of safety design from the materials which is fundamental that can prevents the mass recall from happening and beyond that by fully understanding the cell performance
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 32:46
the pack design, the thermal propagation insulations, the pack design, and the most crucial is a BMS that it needs to take in place by separating the responsive time we also work closely with the OEM on the vehicle design the vehicle control unit as well. So the vehicle need to respond, the first to send out to the most of the early warnings, and then followed by the pack with a separated our responses time, to the packet cell to the materials that will go through the core of this, the whole technology there. And for the BMS we are having the ISO 26262 certified to the c level both on the software and the hardware.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 33:39
(Slide 20 - Rigorous Cell Safety Test)
The cells has been through the most rigorous test by all standards, the GP, the EU car including the US ABC, we are working on a test project.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 33:51
(Slide 21 - Rigorous Pack Safety Test)
And even on the pack level, it has been tested for the electrical abuse and mechanical thermal environment. This one is impressive. **So the whole pack is sitting on the external fire for over 10 minutes, and the pack remains safe**.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 34:09
(Slide 22 - Vertical Integration Enables Solution Breadth and High Margins)
Yeah, so here I want to give you a glance at Microvast mass production line from also four key battery materials to standardize the cell module and the pack. There are videos available online if you want to review more of our company facilities and our business on this right corner, there are two examples of the power system solutions offered for delivery trucks and the commercial buses. We have invested.
Organizer 34:45
That's only two minutes left. So
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 34:49
it's my last page though. Yeah, so yeah, I tend to welcome questions now.
Organizer 34:55
Organizer 34:56
after the three talks. I know that you will not be able to join us for the discussion. But if there are questions, we will forward them to you by email so we can respond to the interesting parties. Okay. Excellent. Okay, so Well, thank you very much Wenjuan for this.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 35:19
Organizer 2 35:21
me, she can ask us a question before the next talk. Is it possible? Okay,
Organizer 35:28
yeah. So, alright, so let's see if we have any questions from the audience don't see any obviously, this is more of an introduction of the of the the impressive technology that Microvast has. So, if there is any question regarding automotive Battery, I think she is the right person Okay, let's see that can we can answer these these questions. So.
Organizer 36:00
So, do some questions, some questions, okay. Can
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 36:06
you read them on my behalf.
Organizer 36:08
So, thanks for the great talk and your presence is LTO like a lot for lithium ion batteries, please any insights about using mixture of graphite and silicon
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 36:21
I'm sorry using mixture of graphite and what?
Organizer 36:25
yeah, graphite and silicon.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 36:27
**Oh on the silicon yes, Yeah**. So, so, for the safety material generally to families. So, pure silicone, and also the silicon mono oxide, silicone mono oxide as a smaller expansion, but I mean with the lower capacity that it can carry with larger particle size. And what we observe is this material per cycle efficiency is lower, but afterwards you can have a flatter decay. So, if you have the amount of the previous supplements that would have good be a good material to use, but again need to look closer into this material would just be the simply the mixture of silicon oxide. So, you can the oxide instead of a mono silicon oxide right and in the other class silicon material because of a four times extinction, this material needed to nanosized so that it can hold this integirty and that it comes in different formats, it can be the particles, it can comes in the silicon nano fibers all of those materials needed to have the surface to be quoted binds a carbon to avoid first cycle efficiency consuming too much lithium and in **Dr. Amin** actually have a patent published on this using the deposit grow silicon in between the graphene layers, that we have tested the material it shows a good performance in the lithium battery. So, really need some company to commercialize this material to be more massively used in the high energy density cells.
Organizer 38:14
So, I just look at the question now. So, there are two quick question that on silicone it seems to be the audience is interested to silicone. The first one is what is the ratio of silicone to carbon that is usually used by the industry and in your case, the other one is what is the strategy to stabilize the capacity or secondary in cycling?
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 38:34
Yeah, so,
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 38:34
depending on the energy density requirements also correlated with the cycle life. So for the cells about 300 to 330 watt per kg, the silicone components in the total anode material, if that's 100% silicone that would have been about a five to 10% and come in the silicone carbon composites and that is a composite content about 15 to 30 or 40% of the silicone and then if you want to reach a higher energy density above a 330 then the cycle life would reduce. So then the components total silicone components in the anode material would be about 18%. But if applies silicone mono oxide and that can compost about 20 to 30% or even achieve 350. Yeah, so the key to apply the silicone material well is to accommodate its volume expansion from the beginning. Therefore, with such as the CNT above the conducting carbon, would be helpful so that it would stay in contact with the material even with the large volume expansion. But as then the key is to the well dispersion of this contraction of the carbon. And of course as the doctor **value** has been studying, the panders that to better can also help with the conduction conductivity. But it's still yet it needs to be resilient, better have the self healing power, but at least the goal to bind the material tightly, and they kind of grow with the expansion. And you know, also, that you've actually designs a policy of actually design is also crucial. And beyond all that, the ?previous eviation? is a key technology and how to industrialize with a high safety low cost is also another focus. Excellent.
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 38:41
So the last question is from Mohammed Czechia. is one of our analysts,
Mohammed 40:49
the one? Yes, thank you. Sorry. Thank you much for your presentation. I have just one question related to inefficiency, volumetric energy density, especially, you claim that in your in your pack, your energy density is higher than your competitors. And you mentioned so that you show that you're indigenously at cell level, it's it's comparable. Question is how we can explain this high performance pack level, you maybe design or your use, for example, easy to pack or can you say some more in this way, please? Yeah, so,
Dr Wenjuan Mattis 41:36
the practicality density, energy density, those can can be very in because of the cell format. So cylindrical cells would have really high volumetric energy density on the cell level, but not necessarily on the pack level, because you cannot pack really tightly, right, they can only use about 68% over the volume. So the pouch cells and the Prasmatic cells would have a higher packing efficiency Microvast makes the pouch cells, and comparing between this, the prismatic cells would have even higher efficiency, because it's already kind of like in the confined space, with the good mechanical protection already stability. But for the pouch cells comparing with prismatic cells on the cell level, it actually can advantages in both volumetric and prasmatic, energy density, because of existing skin. So even those who are in the fair competition, almost similar in the pack level, but what Microvast, again, on the pack level offers the energy density is by doing close to what c to p. So in each of these module, we have about 72 cells. So that's a big module. And to control this big module that would requires a thorough understanding of how this thermal field is designed, how to prevent the thermal propagation. So with all that, the know how and the knowledge base that we can minimize the components while at the same time maintains a uniform the pressure field, the thermal field, and also with the high safety design. So that's how we can get the advantages in the whole pack level. And also the in the pack we have the the bottom housing and the cooling plates, all in one that also using composites as as the cover of the housing that also reduced the weight. So with multiple levels of measures. Okay, well, thank you,
Event Organizer 43:54
Dr. Maddox for this really nice discussion. We're gonna move forward now with the next speaker, my good friend Taroko, who is a full Distinguished Professor at the University of the Basque Country

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Healthy Best Protein Food Sources - The Gym Companion Protein is an essential element of a balanced diet. Amino acids are chemical 'building blocks' that makeup proteins. Amino acids are used by the body to create and repair muscles and bones, as well as to make hormones and enzymes. Here is the list of 11 Best Sources of Protein for Strong Muscle Growth.
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