What should we do with Diontae

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2022.01.17 18:46 WAAAAAAVE What should we do with Diontae

I thought he was our best receiver but after the past few weeks I don’t really know what to think of him anymore. When the time comes should we resign him?
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2022.01.17 18:46 Bonus1Fact MRC STUDY: Networks are actively trying to avoid using the phrase "Islamic extremist" to describe the person who took hostages at a synagogue.

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2022.01.17 18:46 Emotional_Source_324 Boss had 3 destination vacations. I don’t even get cost of living increase.

Been lurking. I’m pissed. It’s so fucking tone deaf.
Finding a new job.
I can’t afford to quit. They also can’t afford to lose both people on my team. So whichever one of us stays is going to get a decent raise. If either.
I have no loyalty anymore. I’ve been burnt too many times.
At least there’s no empty promises.
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2022.01.17 18:46 AndyaGold Comedy in 1991

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2022.01.17 18:46 MuneneKanyi [Hire Me] HIGH-QUALITY ESSAY WRITING SERVICES; EMAIL: mikewriter12@gmail.com or DISCORD: Ewriter#4328

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2022.01.17 18:46 RLCD-Bot [007's Aston Martin DB5] [Pink Interstellar] [Sky Blue Sparkles] [Crimson Infinium]

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2022.01.17 18:46 NotWhoUthought Long Tarot, Energy and Oracle readings (all in 1) available all week!

I don’t do readings about:
DISCLAIMER: I’m not always gonna tell you what you want to hear, I’ll only tell you what the cards show me and sometimes they aren’t sweet or what you're expecting, so, if you’re not ready to hear that, then I’m not your reader.
You can check here my Reviews and More reviews if you want to take a look at.
Send me a chat request if you're interested. ❤️
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2022.01.17 18:46 gofundmemetoday But why would Hollywood lie?

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2022.01.17 18:46 rubil_d K4 V1 Keycaps

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to ask if anyone might know where to get or have a set of the K4 (version 1) keycaps.
(Image for reference)
I would love to buy those. Would appreciate any help on this.
Mods, if the post is inappropriate for this sub, I am sorry, please remove it. Thank you :)
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2022.01.17 18:46 ProducerWAV Producergrind - REPEAT Dark Hyperpop Chord MIDI

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2022.01.17 18:46 Longjumping_Ad_253 Elk Finance | 16 chains | Saturday, January 15 marked the start of Farming Round #10. 🚀 This new round features significant revisions & changes, the details can be found from the Medium article. Happy farming! 🧑‍🌾

Elk Finance | 16 chains | Saturday, January 15 marked the start of Farming Round #10. 🚀 This new round features significant revisions & changes, the details can be found from the Medium article. Happy farming! 🧑‍🌾 submitted by Longjumping_Ad_253 to AllCryptoBets [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 18:46 turburlar Is there a Widget that will take up a fixed maximum width inside a Row/Column, but will relinquish all its space if the other elements of the Row/Column need it?

I have multiple Rows in a ListView.
In each row I want to move the contents to the right by a fixed amount. But if the other contents of the row run out of horizontal space, I want my spacing widget to relinquish all its space before the other widgets begin to overflow.
Using a spacer element with flex property does not work, because its size is a function of the rest of the elements of the row. I would like to be able to specify the elements to be moved over 20.0 regardless of the rest of the elements total width (unless overflow occurs).
Does anything like this exist??
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2022.01.17 18:46 Razor1640 Not new as such but still small. Here's one of my latest videos

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2022.01.17 18:46 Tofu_Twink Afab tucutes should watch "She's the man" before slapping an ftm or nonbinary label on themselves. You can be a manly girl without being trans :)

It's a good movie
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2022.01.17 18:46 justinlpsu Monday Pairing

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2022.01.17 18:46 PoorMansMitziGaynor Best friend completed grad school

My best friend, who lives several states away from me, has just very quietly completed his master's degree. He's not doing much to celebrate and he's probably not going to attend his grad ceremony in the spring, he's sort of just relieved to be done and moving on -- but I'm very proud of him and would like to mark the occasion somehow. Trouble is, he's very tough to shop for. I also have a bit of a lean budget post-holidays and because I'm saving for a major work trip this summer.
He's a big reader and occasional writer. He's not sentimental in the least (the opposite of me, who cries at Safeway openings as they say!). Still, I think he'd appreciate some small token as an atta-boy for all the hard work he's put in. Thanks in advance for your ideas!
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2022.01.17 18:46 JudasDuggar A snowshoe in his natural habitat

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2022.01.17 18:46 bigredbeanie Does anyone know a person that can virginize a used cluster in SoCal? Also willing to drive up north if need by

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2022.01.17 18:46 PickUpThePicante I love corsets

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2022.01.17 18:46 Dividale If you're being chased by a Serial Killer then you're both running for your life

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2022.01.17 18:46 WindowSmall1104 Hat iwer die neuen OF Pics ?

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2022.01.17 18:46 CalmWater8439 xbox 720 reveal

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2022.01.17 18:46 bak64 G-Sync and Freesync Monitors

I've been looking at different monitors and I finally came down to a decision- then I learned about Freesync and G-Sync. I have a NVIDIA RTX 3070 and all I really wanted to know is: is this monitor going to work with my GPU and not flicketear. (If you have any other monitor recommendations, my criteria are below.)
27 inch
1 ms or less response time
1 display port
flat monitor (I don't really like the idea of curved.)
VEVO compatible
(Possibly speakers; not really a priority.)
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2022.01.17 18:46 Belive_in_the_duck Over 660 kudos on old fic

I haven't posted a longer fic for over a year or two now, but I still have old ones getting kudos and stuff. And I guess after a while I became a bit blind to it? But you know sometimes it just hits me that... Wow... Now over 660 people have left kudos on my most popular fic (ofc there's always a risk for kudo bots, but I think my fic hasn't been targeted).
Like I remember when I was happy about 30 kudos. Like really really happy. Just the fact that 30 people---as many as there was in my class at the time---would knowingly press like on my story was mind blowing. Now seeing over 600 is sick. I know it's not a lot for a big fandom, but I'm still proud. It's also an old fic that I personally don't like that much now, but it was my first and I'm just happy about what it has brought me. So.. Yeah. I like to sometimes imagine 600 people in front of me and think: this many people enjoyed my fic in some way.
Now kudos is not everything, and one should first and foremost write for their own pleasure. But no matter how much kudos you get, it's amazing in a way. My joy for 30 kudos was very real. Cuase I still realise that a full class worth of people liking my fic is amazing.
Keep commenting and leaving kudos on fics you enjoy. Old or new dosent matter. It brings a lot of joy to the writer even a few years later.
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2022.01.17 18:46 B0_SSMAN Willy's new look (from Sandin's Insta)

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