[Amazon] 100-Ct Nature's Bounty Iron Supplements (65mg) $2.75 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $2.75, Actual: $5.09]

2022.01.17 20:30 BroMandi [Amazon] 100-Ct Nature's Bounty Iron Supplements (65mg) $2.75 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $2.75, Actual: $5.09]

[Amazon] 100-Ct Nature's Bounty Iron Supplements (65mg) $2.75 w/ S&S + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $2.75, Actual: $5.09] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 20:30 bby_lahela why is "clean makeup" even a trend??

I know there was post made just recently about clean makeup but I've been asking myself this question for a while now.
"Clean makeup" is literally the same natural makeup/no-makeup makeup look that's been trending for like 2 years now. The only difference is maybe the slicked back hair, but that's not even part of the makeup. Even the gold jewelry isn't new, it's been all over pinterest for a while.
I saw some comments on the aforementioned post saying that clean makeup was a term created for marketing but I believe that would be clean beauty, as in makeup products that are made with vegan and "natural" ingredients. That is definitely a marketing term, but from what I understand, the clean makeup look is just that - a look. But it's all over the place and people are doing tutorials on it as if it's something new when tiktok/ig/youtube are already oversaturated with tutorials on this exact look?
I guess this is a bit of a rant because some tiktok trends drive me insane. Like you guys literally took an already existing trend (a current trend at that, it hasn't even even died down enough for it to be recycled yet), gave it a new name and now it's trending..again..
It's like having fur being in trend for a year and then someone on tiktok calling it "animal hair" and now all of a sudden the "animal hair" trend is all the rage.
Make it make sense.
Also i did see people upset with the fact that it's called "clean" makeup because it makes it seem like other looks are dirty or messy. Personally i don't see it that way but I guess I do understand why people wouldn't like it. For me the annoying part is that "clean" makeup is really just "clear" makeup - as in you need to have clear, perfect, glowy skin to make it look 'right.' Ofc that's not true but layering on the base products to cover up all my acne, scars, and hyperpigmentation kinda seems like it goes against "clean" and "breathable."
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2022.01.17 20:30 Wheyt 🎁 Giving away 1 Doodles NFT (Floor at 11 ETH) 🎁 Upv0te, join the Discord and drop your Wallet Adress 🔥

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2022.01.17 20:30 serial4u Zumruduanka Episode 6 (English Subtitles) - serial4u

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2022.01.17 20:30 greycurry2 How to file Federal tax when income greater than $73,000

Hi tax,
I am a recent college grad and have used FreeTaxUSA for my taxes. I graduated and had a new job last year, and made more than $73,000 in AGI. I read that the IRS Free File software requirement is for AGI $73,000 or less ($41,000 or less for FreeTaxUSA). Is there another option to e-file Federal tax for free, or do I need to use the fillable forms and mail my return? If I want to continue with FreeTaxUSA, do I just need to pay (because I earned above AGI), and if so, how much is it? Thank you for your help!
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2022.01.17 20:30 Roosterneck Tim Dillon's November interview on the Hatewatch Podcast regarding the Michael Che fiasco

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2022.01.17 20:30 SenorSubie Anybody ever use a Speedwow catch can?

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2022.01.17 20:30 GainEvening3 How do most second year students feel missing out half of their college years with online school?

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2022.01.17 20:30 InfamousOfficer Get a clentaminator they said, it will be easier they said. No idea actually how many hours went into completely purifying this world that now looks like Swiss cheese.

Get a clentaminator they said, it will be easier they said. No idea actually how many hours went into completely purifying this world that now looks like Swiss cheese. submitted by InfamousOfficer to Terraria [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 20:30 GreaseyMunchkin How to throw up

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2022.01.17 20:30 BeeanBeenie Should I (18f) pursue a relationship with my crush (23m)?

Hello, so for a few months I had developed feelings for my then 22 year old friend. For backstory, it's online but we live close to each other and are from the same state, I just moved before meeting him. We didn't really talk much but at 17 I reached out due needing advice on personal things.
I hid these feelings because he made it very clear he didn't have interest in me that way and saw me as a child. However, last night he confronted me. It was sudden and I admit I wanted to throw up. I felt scared because I didn't know what to say or if he'd call me and be like what the fuck.
However, he confessed he knew and suspected it. And that it freaked him out at first so he shot me down anytime he assumed I might say something. But he admitted as time went on he began to think of me as less of a child/younger sibling and as a potential girlfriend.
I feel weird about it. He seems to not want to date but is open about wanting to be intimate in the future. And made it very clear he is still conflicted on the situation due to when we met and the age difference.
My friend told me to really be careful and make sure I want to continue talking to him as they dated a 20 year old when they where young and it ended awful. I admitted to him the situation makes me uncomfortable and he agreed.
It's very weird and this makes me anxious as everyone/everything made me think I was just making up the signs and behaviour and I wasn't. I am not a kid, I'm turning 19 soon but it still seems like a huge age gap. But I had this crush for nearly a year and it is real, not just a fantasy I made up.
Idk. I am lost.
TLDR: I am unsure whether to pursue a relationship with my older friend now that we've both admitted our feelings to one another due to the age gap.
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2022.01.17 20:30 The_UnknownPleasure Encanto y Coco be like.

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2022.01.17 20:30 __AlRe__AdY__TaKeN__ Chiesa, adesso

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2022.01.17 20:30 cmzraxsn comon guys it's clearly this one

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2022.01.17 20:30 SuperHotUKDeals Ryzen 5 5600G - A520 - 16GB - 500GB Windows Vega System £475 at Palicomp

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and its contributors.
£475 - Palicomp
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9 GHz 6-Core Processor
Motherboard: Asus PRIME A520M-K
Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory
Storage: Kingston 480GB A400
PSU: KOLINK Classic Power 500W PSU
Case: CiT Flash MicroATX Mid Tower Case
O/S: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Price now £475 was £500.00
You might remember this one from 24th December, when the original link was £500 but i covered it at £537 as i preselect the following:
1) When you open the link and choose the following:
a) A520 -> B550M-K £20 b) 500W -> 600W £5 c) 480GB -> Samsung 500GB 980 £12
and doing so was £537 now erm £512 should you wish to take that option, but this time im posting the base unit which was 500 down to 475
Lets compare to the market:
CCL price is £537.99 when u select 16GB and u get B450 and 500GB in a cit case but u dont windows, so palicomp upper package with the B550 mention one above as i original did under cuts by £25in price and also has more part value too at palicomp; and software; ccl dont offer a lower fair version either on the cheaper side to compare.
AWD-IT does have that budget A520 version with the 480GB and 16GB 3200hz option and there price comes in at £493 but no windows into mix of things so £20 more and no windows which they want £84.99, - the pro of the awd one even though it might be £20 more with no windows they do have some fair offers on Storage options to fight that £20 back, but this is only acceptable if that type buyer does not give two monkeys if a deal comes with windows or not.
AWD price on the A520 to B550 is £15 so that rocks on for that upper one vs palicomp at £20 due to different brands and awd price is £15 for that 650W PSU vs £5 at palicomp but let awd off with that as its a CX650W (both aspect over there are my own personal request ideas then from the base)
so overall comparison these 2 ways, over at palicomp windows on the like to like near build is free of charge, is the biggest sale point of this VS its nearest rival.
& if windows did not matter then these 2 far exceed other known firms:
Ebuyers 5600G "8GB" 500GB "windows" £569
scan uk 5600G "8GB" 1TB windows £719.....*

& that Cyber PC is £499.99 and does come with windows, but only 8Gb Ram and really poor MHZ ram.
Is this build for me:
The Ryzen 5 5600G features on board graphics which can play some lovely games in low detail, so anyone who does not have a high gaming need these are perfect and they still offer that cpu performance being a 6core 12thread, seeing as old generations of vega have now gone complete insane in prices on the web.
The 5600G can take a GPU upgrade subjectively like any CPU PSU / Case, obvious its not a 5600X in performance for a number of performance reasons on what actual makes a cpu in terms of performance, the extra ins/outs and i wont bore u to death on here with them numbers, but there isnt that much between them overall if one was adding a GPU sooner then later hangon and get a X version then a G version but if u upgrade down the line and it calc all affordable to match needs now and then gpu upgrade laters vega are not a bad way, its 2 payments then 1 large one, u can play the market and get an FE down the line such as a 3060Ti, and that is the persistant common thinking but with a added little twist here, the nearest revial in terms of a prebuilt feat a X is far more then the current market price of £50 atm compare to this in prebuilt terms, in self build terms its there.
obvious there is some other alt deals on the web, such as the CCL 10100F +1650 which i mention in this comment here: and then u have the awd 10100F+1650
Two deals at £560 one with windows and one without windows and the one without windows has more ram. so if u have the extra buck and have lower upgrade aspect but u desire more gaming grunt upfront then these would be lovely for u, but 5600G with that higher gpu will do much better in the long term vs taking one of the old gen cpu with that gpu, so all in all it comes down to what matters now to u now.
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/3GCeXBx
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2022.01.17 20:30 jeh11428 A Rant About How Worcester Public Schools is Reacting to Covid.

Hello! I'm a high school senior in the Worcester Public School system, and I am extremely dissatisfied with how Covid is being handled in my school. Every day I go to school, I fear for my family's safety because of how minor the Covid protocols are in my school. Every single time I enter the hallways, I pass hundreds of kids without masks, and the hallways are so small that social distancing is impossible. For context, masks are required, but a large chunk of students chooses to not wear them in the halls. Attendance numbers are going down the drain, with as many as half of the kids in some of my classes being absent. Lunch is probably the worst offender when it comes to my issues. There are no enforced Covid safety rules at all, which means students are packed in like sardines without masks.
I would say my biggest problem of all is that there is no way to really be safe and still attend school. I live with a very at risk person, so I frankly can't afford to bring Covid home, but I have no choice but to go to school and risk infection. The administration is hard against a hybrid or online learning option for anyone. Everyone I've talked to about this, and I mean everyone including classmates and teachers, agree that some safer option should be offered and yet one is listening. The other day, I received one of those calls that WPS sends out to everyone now and then. It said that students were staging a walkout to try and get their voices heard about an online option. The superintendent said that she appreciates students making their voices heard, but will not change her stance. In other words, she said "I hear you, but I don't care. Get back to school and shut up."
TLDR The fact that Worcester Public Schools is not allowing students an online option is a horrible decision and the administration doesn't care what students think.
Sorry if this is poorly written, I'm pretty angry right now. Not sure what this will accomplish, but maybe if I keep screaming into the void something will change.
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2022.01.17 20:30 DieHermetischeGarage Podcast-PlayList vom Montag, 17.01.2022

Die gesamte Tages-PlayList

Sendung Titel
BR Kalenderblatt 17.01.1813 Der Brite Humphry Davy entdeckt den Lichtbogen (1)
BR Wissen Das Massaker von Aussig - Ein Verbrechen, viele Legenden (2)
BR Wissen Franklin D. Roosevelt - Ein Präsident für Amerika und die ganze Welt (3)
SWR Zeitwort 17.1.1961: Patrice Lumumba wird ermordet (4)
WDR Zeitzeichen Muhammad Ali, us-amerikanischer Boxer (Geburtstag, 17.01.1942) (5)
WDR Hoerspiel Unter Drohnen - Zivile Drohnenpilotinnen in Konfliktsituation (6)
Zeit Titel wo min
05:37 Eröffnung Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis (Grech, Barbara) DRK 3:21 ?
05:50 Offenbar Einschüchterung durch 'Querdenker' und 'Reichsbürger' an Schulen (Sambale, Markus) DLF 1:38 ?
06:36 Schwierige Mission: Außenministerin Baerbock reist nach Kiew und Moskau (Detjen, Stephan) DRK 2:44 ?
07:18 70. Geburtstag Ryuichi Sakamoto (Karkowsky, Stephan) DRK 1:21 ?
07:41 Wo alles begann - Eindrücke von der Wiege der Proteste in West-Kasachstan (Beer, Andrea) DLF 5:29 ?
08:06 Unbekannte Aktivistin - Wie verheimlicht man seine Identität? (Vetter, Udo; Hielscher, Diane) DRN 4:55
08:15 Boris Johnson und die Corona-Partys - Interview Peter Wittig, Ex-Botschafter (Heinlein, Stefan) DLF 9:26 ?
08:42 Das Wichtigste heute Morgen (Heinlein, Stefan) DLF 4:33 ?
10:09 'Creep'. Blick ins dunkle Herz der Hypermoderne (Winkler, Philipp) DRK 11:29 ?
11:40 Das muss man gehört haben, oder auch nicht: Neue Club-Musik (Kühne, Gesine) DRK 5:28 ?
11:50 Der Pianist Abdullah Ibrahim und 'Solotude' (Wegner, Matthias) DRK 7:07 ?
12:43 BKA will mit Behördenanfragen Druck auf Telegram ausüben: richtig so? (Fetscher, Caroline; Westhof, Ramona) DRK 7:16 ?
13:00 Open Super Q: Erster europäischer Quantencomputer geht in Betrieb (Orbach, Steffi; Tommaso, Prof. Calarco) DRN 4:34
13:20 Angriff auf die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate: Huthis attackieren Abu Dhabi (Blaschke, Björn) DLF 1:29 ?
13:22 Wie im Gefängnis - Geflüchtete in polnischen Unterkünften (Zajonz, David) DLF 2:59 ?
13:35 BIP: Chinas Wirtschaft 2021 um 8,1 Prozent gewachsen (Eyssel, Benjamin) DLF 2:14 ?
13:49 Oxfam-Bericht über soziale Folgen der Pandemie (Hondl, Kathrin) DLF 1:31 ?
15:09 FKA Twigs Album 'Caprisongs' (Möller, Christoph) DRK 7:42 ?
15:22 'Vinyl! Die Comic-Cover': Ausstellung präsentiert die besten Album-Hüllen (Hahn, Achim) DLF 5:44 ?
16:09 Frauen im Punk - Re-Release der 'Carambolage'-Alben (Olbrich, Angela) DRK 7:57 ?
16:36 'Da muss wirklich Weltuntergangsstimmung gewesen sein.' Vulkanausbruch bei Tonga (Kühn, Kathrin / Röhrlich, Dagmar) DLF 9:29 ?
16:40 Soundscout: Mayuko aus Mannheim und Berlin (Risel, Martin) DRK 4:02 ?
16:45 Hopp oder topp? Nationale Corona-Strategien auf dem Prüfstand: Italien (1/5) (Wildermuth, Volkart) DLF 5:19 ?
17:30 Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock in Kiew - Wie geht's weiter in der Ukraine? (Meschkat, Sonja) DRN 6:37
18:08 Telegram unter Druck? Warum der Messenger so schwierig zu regulieren ist (Westhof, Ramona) DRK 7:31 ?
18:15 Tübingen vs. McDonalds - Was hinter dem Streit um die Verpackungssteuer steckt (Meschkat, Sonja) DRN 4:49
18:22 Jüdischer Notar soll Anne Frank verraten haben (Kazmierczak, Ludger) DRK 4:04 ?
18:24 Vor 50 Jahren - Bye, bye 'Fräulein' (Meschkat, Sonja / Endler, Rebekka) DRN 5:40
18:32 'Rettet den Dicken Hund' - Wie Boris Johnson Partygate politisch überleben will (Heuer, Christine) DLF 3:36 ?
18:40 Vita heißt Krieg: Konflikte und Kämpfe im Norden von Mosambik (Ehlert, Stefan) DLF 18:58 ?
19:05 Türkei: Freispruch für Journalistin Mesale Tolu - und die Fragen nach dem Warum (Senz, Karin) DLF 3:05 ?
19:05 Werbeverbot für Abtreibungen soll aufgehoben werden: Überfälliger Schritt! (Geuther, Gudula) DLF 3:14 ?
19:40 Stefan Rebenich: 'Die Deutschen und ihre Antike' (Orzessek, Arno) DLF 7:13 ?
23:14 Gebührendebatte zum 100. Jubiläum: Regierung Johnson greift BBC an (Heuer, Christine) DRK 5:48 ?
23:44 Gianna Nannini for President: Aufruf für mehr Frauen in der italienischen Poltik (Morese, Maria Carmen) DRK 6:36 ?
23:47 Hass im Netz - BKA will Messengerdienst Telegram unter Druck setzen (Kuhn, Johannes) DLF 3:19
(#) Info
(1) Sohn eines Holzschnitzers und Autodidakt auf dem Gebiet der Chemie: Humphry Davy schaffte es nach einigem Experimentieren als erster einen "Lichtbogen" zu erzeugen. Straßenlampen oder Autoscheinwerfer werden später nach diesem Prinzip funktionieren - und die Nacht zum Tag machen.
(2) Das "Massaker von Aussig" am 31. Juli 1945 ist eine Tat im Prozess der Vertreibung von bis zu drei Millionen Sudentendeutschen aus der Tschechoslowakei. Die gewalttätigen Ausschreitungen werfen viele Fragen auf. Heute ist die Stadt Aussig, Ústí nad Labem, ein Ort der Versöhnung.
(3) Franklin D. Roosevelt gilt als einer der einflussreichsten US-Präsidenten. Er führte die USA aus einer tiefen Depression und trug wesentlich dazu dabei, Hitler zu stoppen. Er wurde von vielen bewundert. Aber er hatte seine Schattenseiten. (BR 2020)
(4) Patrice Lumumba wurde der erste Ministerpräsident Kongos, nachdem das Land von der Kolonialmacht Belgien in die Unabhängigkeit entlassen worden war - bald darauf wurde er getötet.
(5) 'Ohne Muhammad Ali kann man die zweite Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts nicht verstehen', sagt der Ali-Experte Martin Krauss. Denn er war nicht nur ein herausragender Weltklassesportler, der erste Boxer überhaupt, der drei WM-Titel erkämpfte. Der Sohn eines Plakatmalers, der seine Karriere als Cassius Clay begann, hat sich immer auch als politisches Symbol verstanden, im Kampf für die Rechte der Schwarzen.
(6) •SciFi-Drama• Sommer im Jahr 2030. Romy und Ela sind Drohnenpilotinnen. Früher sind beide für den globalen Konzern Horizon Kampfeinsätze geflogen, jetzt steuern sie ihre Drohnen nur noch für die zivilen Aufträge des Unternehmens. Aber die Vergangenheit lässt sie nicht los, und auch der neue Job bringt sie in Konflikte. // Von Tim Staffel / Komposition: Alexandra Holtsch (unter Verwendung eines Tracks von PeroPero) / Regie: Tim Staffel / WDR 2021
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2022.01.17 20:30 My_Friend_Dane My Friend, Dane: 58. Pucker Up, Whoville

We were once making fun of Dane about overdressing for a party and asked if he was going to put on lipstick, too. Without hesitation, Dane answered,
"Yeah, I'm wearing lipstick...on my ASSHOLE!"
We could only hope that he was lying because we dared not check.
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2022.01.17 20:30 Numerous_Tomatillo92 ⛰️ MountainShiba ⛰️ | Real Utility 🔧| Just Fair Launched on BSC 📈 | Passive BNB Income 💸 | Special Prizes For Holders 🎁

💎 MountainShiba is a community BSC token that rewards holders. Earn BNB automatically while holding! Rewards are to your wallet. The community is growing fast. We will be the next big meme coin.
Contract Address: 0x6a5e32acb2c437e5cad6cb4954d5342b42b65dc4
💎 Tokenomics
0% buy fee. 10% sell fee. 8% goes to the holders. This encourages people to hold. Holders make money from paper handed investors. 1% goes to liquidity and 1% goes to marketing. MountainShiba is safe. We are here to build a safe community to invest in.
💎 Roadmap:
Our first plan of action is to overhaul the website. It is live now but needs some work. This will help draw attention to our token.
Once the website is finished we will start really pushing marking. Reddit posts, telegram calls and as the marketing budget grows we will have some influencer promotions. We will host some twitter giveaways.
We are a community token. It’s important that the direction we take is what the community wants. We will be open to all suggestions from the community on how to proceed with the future of our token.
Meme tokens are an important part of the crypto market. We strive to be a safe community meme coin where all members are welcome and heard.
💻 Telegram: https://t.me/MountainShiba
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6a5e32acb2c437e5cad6cb4954d5342b42b65dc4
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2022.01.17 20:30 TheRealLardin "Cissy Strut" - The Meters (My Little Jam Bass Cover + Backing Track)

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2022.01.17 20:30 SnooPeanuts2274 Instagram username

So my name is Chrishaun I like Naruto and Hunter x and my nickname is prince what would be a fire instagram username. Doesn’t have to be based on all of these things lol I don’t want anything corny😅😂
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2022.01.17 20:30 menace416 Join my Live Group "Sage ♡︎‘s Group", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.17 20:30 gbubrodieman Starting app

Can you configure Android Auto to launch a specific app when it starts or is it always maps?
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2022.01.17 20:30 bwoodboy .5 PPR 12 TM 1QB TE Premium Full PPR

View Poll
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2022.01.17 20:30 jairo2006 Plugins not loading on hen 3.0.3 hfw 4.88

I had installed webman mod and ps3xpad and they worked just fine that is until i installed BTGA to use my Bluetooth headphones and it was very bad audio quality but it worked i suppose so anyway i tried to install webman mod and ps3xpad plugins again but still the same i checked the files, everything seemed ok. Then I uninstalled BTGA and the other plugins still weren't working, I started getting frustrated and decided to just restore the Sistem and do everything from zero. That didn't work either. I updated the firmware(from 4.87.1 to 4.88 official then installed hfw) didn't work so I don't what else to do I just want to play with my Xbox controllers :(
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