Before and after a harvest... should I have cut every little pin?

2022.01.17 19:43 spiderbites Before and after a harvest... should I have cut every little pin?

First grow attempt. The first pic is from right before I starting harvesting. The second is about 30 hours later after gradually harvesting as the fruits matured. I cut as the veils broke and periodically misted the bin.
The second pic is the bruised up aftermath of the harvest. Cake shrunk significantly. Lots of little pins still sitting there but they didn't seem to be growing and they started looking darker. So I went ahead and filled the bin with water, soaked for a few hours, and poured the water off.
Should I have waited to see if the little pins grew up? Are these "aborts"? Should I have cut and kept them?
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2022.01.17 19:43 BludgeonMyEyes Currently waiting for my prescription to be filled any minute now :)

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2022.01.17 19:43 Crypto_Scam_Mark What's your favorite episode of The Larry Sanders Show?

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2022.01.17 19:43 JayCJay99 Cyberpunk city build (in progress) (vanilla friendly)

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2022.01.17 19:43 Comfortable_Aside_12 From today’s short stream

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2022.01.17 19:43 GoonMan26262727 Any tips to beat orlick ?

I currently have primrose (level 33) therion (level 33) haanit (level 33) and Ophilia (level 31), any tips that I can use to beat him?
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2022.01.17 19:43 rotolotto Looked over to where my clothes landed before my shower and noticed it... Tails pog, dead center

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2022.01.17 19:43 ClimateJobsBOT ✨ Carbon Engineering is looking for a Quality Manager @ 📍 Squamish, Canada 🇨🇦

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2022.01.17 19:43 1WontDoIt [WTS] Gold & Co.

Lot 1 - 2012 1oz Gold Kangaroo - $1860
Lot 2 - 1987 1/4 Gold Eagle (MCMLXXXVII) - $530
Lot 3 - 1987 1/10 Gold Eagle (MCMLXXXVII) - $220
Silver can be found in a prior post I made.
Shipping - $9 Priority or $5 First Class. CONUS.
Payment - PPFF
Chat is fine. No holds, first come, first serve.
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2022.01.17 19:43 theultimatewawaboi Two years ago I drove 6 hours to be one of the very first people to attend the Multimedia Exhibition in pittsburgh and the listening party for Circles, it was truly a wonderful day that I will remember forever

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2022.01.17 19:43 PC9CC30 Don't kill me for asking this, but would one be able to go to a multi day festival while in the middle of a JD semester?

I felt silly even typing this out lmao but thought I would get the thoughts of other students. I'm a 1st year starting in a few weeks
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2022.01.17 19:43 TylerHoops2204 Who is this guy? (wrong answers only)

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2022.01.17 19:43 Rei_dos_PLEBS :)

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2022.01.17 19:43 WernerB87 Need Tips, Pro’s and Con’s micro-dosing on Shrooms

Yes I am Bipolar and have OCD. Have a Psychiatrist and my partner is an ED physician so I have some backing (from my partner 🤫) I smoke my weed every night and its the only time im really happy, alive. So ive done shrooms before and watched documentaries on micro dosing etc. There some girl I know in my area who actually assist people. I really want to try this. Im still on my meds and in no way is this substituting that area but I will go by trial and error. Anyone here done that?
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2022.01.17 19:43 DareToDaredevil SubSimulator bots have an interesting theory on Jim's true nature

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2022.01.17 19:43 Unique-Ad7333 Yo-Kai Watch Partnyers - Chapter 0: The Last Normal Day...

Nate’s eyes slowly opened, and he woke up to the sounds of birds chirping, the sun shining... and a best friend shouting.
“Heyyyy! Nate!! Wake up!” Katie yelled, looking up at a window on the second level of the Adam’s house.
Nate got out of bed, and sleepily walked to the window, and slid it open. However, because the window was opened haphazardly, as soon as he stuck his head out of the window, the window stile came falling on his head.
Nate called out “Ouch”, and Katie heard Nate, and called out in reply, “Nate! Are you alright?”
Nate with a slightly strained voice, called out, “Y-yeah, I’ll be fine”
“You sure?” I’m coming up!”
“Katie, you don’t have to—“ Nate was cut off the sound of Katie shutting the door, as Nate mumbled, “...Come up...”
Suddenly, Nate’s door opened, and Nate turned around to see Katie running in. Katie had her hair tied back in her iconic ponytail, but unlike her usual casual pink bow, she wore a sky blue bow today (probably out of a desire to show off the ribbon her grandmother gave Katie for her birthday). Katie wore a criss-crossed shirt, with a buttoned up jacket over it, which light blue highlights (around the hood, the cuffs and pockets). Katie shorts were a denim blue and on her feet were plain pink socks.
Katie ran over to Nate, and starts running her fingers through is incredibly messy bed head like a comb, looking for any signs of a bump.
“I’m alright, Katie, don’t worry” Nate reassured her, giving her a gentle pat on the back.
Katie paused for a second, before patting Nate’s head, and said, “If you insist, then you better quickly get changed. School starts in half and hour, and your always a slow starter”
“Who are you calling slow?” Nate pouts, and Katie giggled at his reaction.
“I’ll ask Lily to prepare breakfast for us, want the same as last time?” Katie asked, as she shut the door.
“Yep!” Nate called to her.
Nate and Katie quickly ran out, slinging their backpacks on their back as they shut the door behind them. Nate took his piece of Peanut Butter and Nutella toast out of his mouth, and began scoffing it down.
“Well, we’ll now get to see how much of a ‘slow-starter’ you are!” Katie said teasingly, as she put in another burst of speed, and Nate, trying to eat his toast, started picking up his pace.
The Adam and Forester families had know each other for multiple generations, and the families were very close to each other. And since they lived quite close, that meant that Nate and Katie’s childhood friendship had been able to blossom for many years.
Soon, they arrived at school, Katie winning by a little bit. Nate panted, “That (huff) wasn’t (huff) fair! You (huff) had a (huff) head start! And I (huff) had toast in my mouth (huff)”
Katie twirled around and replied, “Better luck next time, slow-starter. But if it makes any difference, you did a lot better than last week”
“Thanks, (huff) Katie. I’ve been walking outside, (huff) at sunset, and sometimes jog (huff)”
“Anyway, we gotta go get into class!” Katie said, and started running inside
Nate stood there for a few seconds, catching his breath, while muttering to himself, “How does she have so much energy?” before running to try and catch up with Katie.
It was lunchtime, and Nate was taking out his stress by drawing a cat he spotted near the flagpoles. Suddenly, someone put their hand on Nate’s shoulder.
“Hey, Nate. Whatchu doing?” a familiar voice asked to Nate from behind.
“Drawing, Eddie. How are you? And is Bear there?”
“Hmm... is there a Bear in there?” Eddie asked
“And a chair as well?” Someone else’s voice replied
“Yep, that’s Bear, alright. I’m going good, thanks Nate. How are you?” Eddie laughed quietly to himself
“I’m going well, thanks. I’m just drawing this cat with that Chocobar in its mouth. Can you see it?”
“Over there, walking near the flagpoles?” Bear asked
“Yep, that one” Nate confirmed.
Eddie and Bear looked over Nate’s shoulders to see his sketch. His drawing had the cat holding it’s head high, with the Chocobar in his mouth.
“Hey, doesn’t look half bad!” Bear said in a surprised voice.
“Considering how you usual draw in a more cartoony style, this is really good!” Eddie praised.
“Thanks Bear, Thanks Eddie. I’m almost done...” Nate said, as he finished the cat’s coat pattern.
“Done!” Nate said, with a sigh of relief, as he snapped hit book shut, and put it into his school bag.
“Anyway, Eddie, did your dad’s friend say how the Mega Watch production is going?” Bear asked, and Nate added, “Yeah! How is that going?”
While the three were talking, Nate looked down at his wrist, and thought to himself, ‘Man, I really need a watch’.
Katie was talking with her friends, Alex, Sarah, Chelsea and Miho about their pets (Miho was just talking about her mother’s old cat). Katie looked over at Nate, Eddie and Bear, laughing together, to which she smiled to see. Her eyes wandered over to the flagpoles, and she saw... a red cat with two tails? She blinked a few times, and she ended seeing a tabby cat with a Chocobar in it’s mouth, and light shining off the wrapper at the end of it.
‘Was that another... thing? Or was it a trick of the light?’ Katie pondered to herself, for this was not the first time something like this had happened to her. For some odd reason, every now and then, she kept on seeing weird creatures like that. However, this year, she had been seeing them more often.
“Hey Katie? You alright?” Alex asked, snapping her fingers.
“Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine” Katie replied, before apologising for zoning out.
Nate and Katie packed their bag, ready for the weekend. They waved goodbye to their teacher, Mr Johnson, and walked down the staircase, out of the building.
“Hey Nate?” Katie asked, trying to get his attention.
“Yeah, Katie?” Nate replied
“It happened again” Katie admitted with a twinge of defeat in her voice.
“Again? What did it look like?” Nate asked, pulling out his art book and pencil from his pocket, his curiosity at a peak.
Katie tried hard to recall what the creature in the yard looked like.
“Well, it had red fur... and had two tails with a blue fire... It stood on two legs... I think?” Katie replied, pausing, struggling to remember what the cat looked like.
Nate finished off his quick sketch and said, “Done!”, before showing her a sketch of a bipedal cat with vertical eye slits, sharp claws, a striped pattern on the fur and the two tails were burning intensely.
Katie chuckled and replied, “Not EXACTLY like that, but it looks... interesting.”
Nate let out a somewhat dissatisfied smile, before returning his pencil and book to his pocket.
“You don’t think it’s... bad I can see them?” Katie asked uncertainty.
Nate put his hand on Katie’s shoulder and said, “I’m not as good as you with this whole thing, so I’ll just say: I don’t care about what you see, it doesn’t make you any less of a best friend to me”
Katie smiled, before asking abruptly “How much money do you have, Nate?”
“Huh? I have 20¥. Why?”
“Perfect! I have 40¥! We can buy a popsicle from the Everymart on our way home!” Katie said enthusiastically.
“I don’t know... wouldn’t our mums be worried if we came home later than usual?” Nate asked
“They won’t notice! C’mon!” Katie said enthusiastically, practically begging Nate, who’s worried disappeared with Katie’s enthusiasm.
“Alright! Let’s go!” Nate said, and he put on a burst of speed. Katie lit up, and began chasing him down to the Everymart, eventually arriving there, with Katie somehow barely beating Nate.
They left with success in their hands, in the form of the popsicle Nate held, and just as they were about to leave the parking lot, there hear a familiar voice.
“Hey Nate, Hey Katie! Nice to see you!”
“Mr Barton!” Katie called, “Good to see you!”
“Hey” Nate greeted.
“What are you doing out here?” Katie asked.
“I was going to pick up something from the shop I forgot to buy. And you’re here for a popsicle?”
“Yep” Nate replied
“That’s great! You two should get going, you don’t want your parents to be upset” Mr Barton replied.
“Oh snap! That’s right!” Katie replied, surprised, “Nate! We gotta go!”
Mr Barton waved as Nate and Katie walked away from their local Everymart, both sharing their Popsicle. Mr Barton smirked, and then pivoted on his feet as he walked in a very business-like fashion, towards the Back Alleyway behind the Everymart. Leaning against the wall, in a leather biker jacket, was a man with long, wavy blue hair. He was looking down at the ground, so his hair covered most of his face, but from what Mr Barton could see, it was incredibly pale.
Next to him, talking to this man was a girl in a snow blue kimono, which was unusual to see in such an urban area, this was wear that would’ve been found more in Harrisville. Her hair was black and tied back into a bun, as to not get into her hair. And with his back to Mr Barton was a man in an ugly green sweater, and with hair arkwardly sticking out. Weird was the perfect word to describe this group of humans, and that’s because they weren’t.
Mr Barton chuckled and said, “My, my, didn’t expect everyone to be here so soon”
The Blue Haired man stood up and replied, “Why do you call this meeting, Kyubi? I am risking my position being here to listen to your ramblings.”
The girl in the kimono interrupted, “Venoct! Kyubi! Cut it out. The energy is effecting us all, but that doesn’t mean we should go attacking each other”
“So you feel it too? I thought it was just my old senses failing me. Why is the Yo-Spirit energy level this high?” The man in green said, who turned around to face the man in blue. From this angle, Mr Barton could see the wrinkles time bestowed upon his accomplice, as well as his monocle.
The man in blue answered, “More and more devilish Yo-Kai are leaving the Yo-Kai World and Yo-Kai City to invade the human world, and the balance is getting out of hand. If we don’t stop it soon, the seals would break,” the man turned to Mr Barton, “Barton (The man said rather stiffly) , how are Adamo’s and Evita’s descendants? And Lucas?”
“The students are going well under my care, Veladto” Mr Barton replied, with a mocking stiffness when saying the word ‘Veladto’.
The blue haired man Mr Barton called Veladto clenched his fist
“Kyubi... Venoct...” The Kimono girl said warningly, noticing Veladto’s closed hand.
Veladto turned away and said, “I think it’s time we alerted Nate and Katie of their heritage, and gave them the gift of knighthood”
“Hmph. We can handle this ourselves, Veladto” Mr Barton replied. “These kids are valuable to Enma, we can’t risk them getting hurt”
“I agree with Venoct, Kyubi. I’ve been in Springdale since the crowing of Ancient Enma, and I have never felt this much Yo-Spirit energy emoting from the seals. It’s been affecting Katie, allowing her to see Yo-Kai even easier than before. It’s best if she, at least, has some way to defend herself.”
Mr Barton turned to the Kimono girl, “Mortimer has had his say. What say you, Ms Frost?”
The girl called ‘Ms Frost’ by Mr Barton replied, still in thought “I... I think Venoct is right, Kyubi”
Mr Barton turned to Veladto and said in a strong voice, unlike him, “And you’re just content with giving them such sacred gifts?”
“It is their birthright, Barton” Veladto replied, with a slight hint of annoyance.
“These gifts should not be given lightly! You should know this, Veladto!”
“This problem cannot be solved by Yo-Kai alone. We need Nate and Katie’s help”
“And what of Lucas?”
“Pardon me?”
“You were asking about Lucas. Why do you care about him?”
“I have my reasons”
Mr Barton turned around in a huff, and replied, “I shall test them, and make sure if they are worthy yet, of such powerful items. And if that means I get in your way, Veladto..” Mr Barton walked to the Alleyway entrance, “Then so be it”
Mr Barton walked away, and Mortimer looked at Veladto and said, “I’ll start cleaning up my shop, if I am going to have visitors soon”
Mortimer walked out, leaving Ms Frost and Veladto.
“Father invited you to dinner, if you wish to join” Ms Frost offered Veladto, who replied, “I’ll see if I can get off shift to join you and your father, your cooking is amazing”
“I’ll tell him you said that” Ms Frost smiled.
As Veladto left the alleyway, he turned back to Ms Frost, who waved. He smiled and left the alleyway.
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2022.01.17 19:43 XboxSeriesSX Insert Credit Show 219 - The Insert Credit Consolebration (ranking every games console)

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2022.01.17 19:43 succcrab what is your favorite dinner food and why?

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